This article is about a/an power source in Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger.
Brave (勇気ブレイブ Bureibu) is the power source of the Kyoryugers (and the Future Kyoryugers as well as the Brave Dino Force Rangers). Brave could be charged within a Zyudenchi in the Spirit Base. Brave could also be in a human's heart, or spirit and could be intensified by singing, dancing, fighting against evil, or linking it by pressing a Zyudenchi button by shouting "Brave In !", overall depending on the number of persons who are linking this Brave intensifying, or even giving it to a Zyudenryu. At a certain amount of Brave, a normal person could become a Kyoryuger. The VX Zyudenchi (Victory Zyudenchi and Maximum Zyudenchi combined) require a huge amount of Brave and needs at least 6 Kyoryugers to be used. If the Carnival Zyudenchi is used as a transformation Zyudenchi by Kyoryu Red, he will overcharge and act as a Tyrannosaurus.
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