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Branch Leader Kaijo is the leader of the Kanto Branch of the Earth Guard League (EAGLE) and older brother of Tsuyoshi Kaijo.

Character History

Kaijo was on duty while his younger brother Tsuyoshi was playing soccer when a surprise attack by Gold Mask of the Black Cross Army swarmed the base. In the midst of the attack, he sacrificed his life to protect his men and his younger brother, who ultimately became the only survivor of the attack.


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  • Branch Leader Kaijo was portrayed by Ryuuji Hayami; he became more notable as Fuhrer D, the leader of Dakkar in Kaiketsu Zubat

Behind the Scenes

  • He can be comparable to Marcus Truman, the older brother of Ranger Red Scott Truman in Power Rangers RPM; both were leaders and older brothers to Red Rangers who sacrificed their lives to save their base from an invasion.


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