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Braking (ブレーキング, Burēkingu) (29-31):

Mecha History

A mech bought by Instructor Ritchihiker using money saved up by Gynamo for his wedding to Zonnette after his trasnformation into Ritchirichhiker during HH Wasshoishoi's ceremony drove him insane. Initially used to frighten and banish Gynamo and Zonnette from the Bowzock during a coup, it is later used in a campaign to disable and ultimately capture RV Robo alongside an army of Combatant Wumpers. Thier combined teamwork ejects the Carrangers from the cockpit and allows Ritchiritchhiker to haul it back to the Baribarian. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 29: The Unexpected Great Monster Accident!!

Despite it's power, when it returns to Tokyo to conquer it, the Carrangers have gained thier Victory Ranger Vehicles which overwhelm Braking. The evil mecha is heavily damaged when it is blown back into the Baribarian by a gas tank that Kyosuke throws at it. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 30: A Shocking Debut! Working Cars!!

After returning to the Bowzock base, Braking is rebuilt into Rebuilt Braking which is strong enough to withstand the VRV Machines on their own and possesses new weapons, including a cannon, a head blade and "smiley-face bombs". However, it is overpowered by the Victory Ranger Vehicles as the VRV Fighters and is destroyed by VRV Robo's Victory Twister, taking RitchiRitchihiker with it. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 31: It's a Full Model Change! VRV Robo



Powers and Abilities


  • Strength-Braking was able to nearly rip a building clean off its foundations by pushing it over to one side, knock back RV Robo with two slashes of its claws and rip the RV Sword in two by catching it in the Zord's palm.
    • Super Stomp-Braking was able to stamp with enough force to take down all Carrangers at once.
  • Durability-The Metallosaurus was able to completely shrug off the Giga Boosters's finishing blast as well as Pegasus Thunder's Pegasus Final Burning (which previously killed WW Waritcho) without getting a scratch on it.
    • Energy Deflection-Braking's armor was so strong that the Giga Booster finisher bounced off of it into the distance.
  • Underwater Adaptation-Braking was able to hide underwater until Ritchiritchhiker summoned it.
  • Eye Blasts-Braking was able to fire large red-purple energy streams out of it's eyes strong enough to take down all five Carranger with one hit and rip a building clean in two.
  • Bite-Braking was able to bite down on RV Robo's shoulder with enough force to cause devastating damage and spray lightning.
  • Flight-Braking was able to glide through space back to the Baribarian.


  • Super Spin-Braking was able to spin dozens of times on the spot at the same speed as the RV Reckless Cut.
  • 'Super Jumps-Braking was able to jump so high that it entered space in a single jump.


  • Claws-Braking had razor sharp claws on its hand to hack and slash it's enemies.
  • Tail-Braking had a long metal tail to lash its enemies with.
    • Tail Whip-Braking was able to knock back RV Robo with two swings of its tail and dislodge a giant dome of flammable gas from it's foundations with one swing.
    • Electrocution-Braking was able to wrap its tail around its enemies and fry them with blue lightning sent through it.
  • Jaws-Braking had razor sharp teeth in its maw capable of catching the V-Police within them.

Appearances: Carranger Episodes 29, 30

GSC-Revived Braking.png

Powers and Abilities


  • Teleportation-Unlike its original form, Rebuild Braking was able to teleport to Earth in a flash of red lightning after being rebuilt.
  • Eye Blasts- Rebuild Braking was able to fire large red-purple energy streams out of it's eyes like in its original incarnation. However, these were stronger enough to take down all Carrangers and cause massive damage to the Victory Ranger Vehicles.
  • Cannon Blast-Rebuild Braking could fire a massive Bullet Bill like cannonball from the cannon in the middle of its chest which could cause large explosions and heavily shake up the Victory Ranger Vehicles.


  • Strength-Rebuild Braking was able to kick V-Dump and V-Dozer away from its feet with a single kick as well as knock back the VRV Fighter V-Dozer with a single slash.
    • Super Kick-Rebuild Braking was able to kick with so much force that he sent VRV Fighter V-Dump toppling over and made it revert back to vehicle mode.
  • Durability-Rebuild Braking was able to shrug off multiple kicks from the V-Fire and a jump kick from V-Police with little to no damage. Not even having its own cannonball sent right back into it did much damage.


  • Claws-Rebuild Braking retained its razor sharp claws after being rebuilt.
  • Tail-Rebuild Braking retained its tail to lash its enemies with.
    • Tail Whip-Rebuild Braking was able to knock back all five VRV Fighters with one swing of its tail.

Appearances: Carranger Episode 31

Behind the Scenes


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  • Braking's name was a pun on car brakes in keeping with Carranger's vehicle theming.


  • Braking uses a mixture of Toho's Varan, Baragon, and Gorosaurus roars, along with Megalon's laughter. Rebuilt Braking used Ebirah's screech.

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