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The Brain Base (ヅノーベース Zunō Bēsu) is a satellite orbiting Earth which is the headquarters of the Armed Brain Army Volt. Originally constructed by Great Professor Bias in the years prior to the series's start, it can only be reached through craft that can fly into space while sending down fighters to Earth at his instructions. The craft has a central chamber room as well as various labs where Volt's members would conduct experiments that they would later submit to Bias as part of their plans for Earth's conquest. However not all experiments can be created on this ship: due to its large size, Giga Volt had to be built on Earth by Bias himself.Ep. 27: Daughter!! Destroy the Giga Project The satellite also contains rooms hidden off from the Volt members that contain information on Bias' past and his collection of 1000-point genius brains which sustain his youth, power and intellect.

The trio would would become Liveman became aware of the base's existence when their traitorous friends, Kenji Tsukigata, Rui Senda and Gou Omura, are taken onboard a transport ship to Brain Base after they abandon humanity and kill their friends to join Bias' cause. When they return to Earth three years later to attack Academia's graduation ceremony, they descend once again only to find the Liveman now standing against them.Ep. 1: Friends! Why Did You Do This!?

As part of his final plot to control Earth, Bias uses the satellite's capabilities to launch a massive signal known as the "Giga Brain Wave", using the power of 12 perfected 1000-point brains (the last being Kenji/Doctor Kemp) which brainwash all living beings on Earth to obey him. Seeing the potential of its activation with Kemp's completion of his goal, Yuusuke Amamiya flies up into the Brain Base and takes apart the signal, which not only stops Bias but also forces the satellite to crash to Earth. After the Liveman finally stop the now open Bias, he returns to the satellite which explodes before sinking into the ground in a final wrecked state.Ep. 48: Birth!! Boy King Bias!Final Ep.: The Fall of Great Professor Bias

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