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"Ladies and gentlezords, welcome to the arena!"
―Boxertron's first words after the Racer Zord and Alphadrone were teleported into him.[src]

"Meet your first opponent, Alphadrone! He's lean, he's mean, he's tougher than a two dollar steak!"
―Boxertron introduces Alphadrone.[src]

"Look out! It's a tag team!"
―Boxertron introducing Gammadrone and Betadrone.[src]

"Get ready to meet your next fighter! This mighty Gigadrone dines on danger and snacks on destruction! It's Deltadrone!"
―Boxertron introducing Deltadrone.[src]

"Whoa! Stop that! Noooooooooooo! You're going to regret ruining my match!"
―Boxertron after the Beast-X King Ultrazord forced him back into his true form.[src]

"He looks for a way out! But there's no escape! Boxertron is done and dusted! The match is over! What a finish!"
―Boxertron's final words before his destruction.[src]

Boxertron was a giant-sized stadium/boxing-themed Robotron in Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2. He served as the initially hidden main antagonist of the episode "Boxed in."


Boxertron was created by Robo-Blaze when he infects a giant arena dome. He creates an arena to destroy Devon with Alphadrone, but he was destroyed by the Racer Zord. He then sends in Betadrone and Gammadrone. Betadrone is accidentally destroyed by Gammadrone so Boxertron calls Deltadrone but the Racer Zord repels them. The Chopper Zord, Wheeler Zord, and Striker Megazord all arrived but the doors refused to budge in spite of Ravi's super strength and the Striker Megazord's Rapid Blast. Soon after, the Rangers retreat whilst Devon takes a pounding but they soon finish the Ultrazord program. They then swiftly returned with the Beast-X King Zord and form the Beast-X King Ultrazord to save Devon and destroy the giant arena dome by stabbing it with the Ultrazord's lance, forcing Boxertron to revert his robot form and free Devon and the two others Gigadrones. Gammadrone is destroyed by the Ultra Slash and Deltadrone was taken out by the Rapid Blast. Boxertron tries to take them out with his jump kick but bounces off of the Ultrazord. He is then injured by the Racer Zord when he is tackled straight into the ground and destroyed by the Beast-X King Ultrazord's Beast-X King Ultra Strike. Despite being mortally wounded, Boxertron keeps up his persona and happily announces his defeat before hearing an imaginary bell and falling on his side where he explodes even as he admits how glorious his defeat has been.


Boxertron was a very loud and flamboyant individual, acting much like a boxing announcer narrating much of his battle and speaking in the third person. However, when forced back to his true form, he became extremely angry and vengeful although he kept up his announcer persona even as he was dying.



  • Durability: Boxertron, in his dome form, proved to be immune to Ravi's super strength and the Striker Megazord's Rapid Blast.
  • Teleportation Beam Projection: Boxertron could fire a massive purple beam from his top which teleported the Racer Zord, Alphadrone, and Deltadrone into him.
    • Rejection-Boxertron was also able to reject anyone he teleported in by accident that he didn't want inside as seen when he did this to the Power Rangers who mounted Deltadrone.
  • Announcements: Boxertron could project his voice around himself whilst he is in his dome form.
  • Gigadrone Creation: Boxertron seemed to create Betadrone and Gammadrone out of thin air with no aid from Scrozzle.
  • Screen Generation: Boxertron could make a screen appear on one of his walls to project the fight going on inside of him which occurred when the Rangers first arrived.
  • Robotron Transformation: Boxertron could transform into his Robotron form at will.


  • Dome Transformation: Boxertron's primary ability was to transform into a large dome to trap his enemies in so he could then summon Gigadrones to fight them.
  • Jump Kick: Boxertron's signature move where he could generate wrestling ring ropes behind him, leaning against it to build friction, and then fly forth whilst kicking to unleash a devastatingly powerful kick. However, the Beast-X King Ultrazord easily shrugged this off.


  • Boxing Gloves: Boxertron had massive red boxing gloves that he can use to smash his enemies with as well as a means in combat.
  • Boxing Boots: Boxertron also had a pair of massive red boxing boots to aid him in battle.

Behind the Scenes



  • Boxertron was;
    • The only Robotron in Beast Morphers not to fight the Rangers normal-sized unlike the previous Robotrons who fought and were destroyed by the Rangers at normal size and had Gigadrone counterparts.
    • The only giant Robotron and the only Robotron to have more than one Gigadrone counterpart.
    • Boxertron was also the only Robotron to battle alongside his Gigadrone counterparts.
  • The only Robotron in Beast Morphers to speak in third-person.
  • Boxertron had the most Gigadrones for a single Robotron, with a grand total of four different types of Gigadrones.
  • Boxertron was originally shot by the Lio Attaché after the Tronics were defeated in Go-Busters which was omitted from Power Rangers.
    • This was removed because they lacked the prop to use in Power Rangers and the equivalent weapon (the Beast-X King Ultra Canon) wouldn’t be introduced for another two episodes so they couldn’t just replace the shot.
  • Before Gammadrone and Deltadrone attempted to destroy the Racer Zord but before the Beast-X King Ultrazord saved Devon, there was originally a portion where they stopped attacking.
    • However, it was cut out here because it was the very Japanese Enter offering Hiromu/Devon the chance to surrender.

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