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Boxed In is the twenty-first & sports special episode of Beast Morphers Season 2 and the thirtieth episode of Power Rangers Beast Morphers. It also marks the debut of the Beast-X King Ultrazord.


The Pan Global Games have arrived in Coral Harbor, but Ranger duties prevents the teens from attending any of the events.


Coral Harbor is hosting the Pan Global Games this year, but while the Rangers want to see the events, Commander Shaw asks three of them to do routine checks on the Morph-X Towers. Although upset by the news, Devon suggests that all the Rangers check the Towers so they could finish the job at a faster rate, but Ravi does not want to miss the weightlifting competition and suggests that they draw names. They do so, and its revealed that Devon, Zoey, and Nate would be doing the routine checks, leaving Ravi and Steel to watch the games.

In the Crystal Dimension, Robo-Roxy is disgusted by the Pan Global Games, but Robo-Blaze brings up that everybody, including the Rangers, will be distracted by the games to prevent an attack by themselves. Robo-Roxy loves the idea, especially as it would make Evox proud, and listens to Robo-Blaze’s plan.

Meanwhile, the routine trio are looking at the Morph-X Towers when they are confronted by Dumbbelltron. Zoey calls a reluctant Ravi and Steel for help, while the rest of the Rangers morph to fight against Dumbelltron. However, the Robotron is too strong for them as he blasts them with dumbbells, and pins them down with a giant barbell. As the Rangers struggle to lift the barbell, a morphed Ravi and Steel arrive to help them. While Steel struggles to lift the barbell off his friends, Ravi uses his Gorilla Strength to overpower Dumbelltron before destroying him with a Beast-X Cannon Blast. Afterwards, Ravi helps Steel remove the barbell off of their friends.

After demorphing, Devon calls Cruise over so he can send the first batch of maintenance work back to Grid Battleforce, but Ravi is disappointed that the fight had them miss the first weightlifting event, even accusing his teammates of not even trying against Dumbelltron. Devon argues that they were trapped by the Robotron, but Ravi is upset that nobody cares about missing the Pan Global Games. However, Devon reminds Ravi that they are all responsible for protecting the Morph-X Towers and accuses the latter of not caring about them, before riding off on Cruise.

Back at Grid Battleforce, Commander Shaw and the staff noticed an impending Gigadrone attack in Sector Bravo Five-seven. While Devon is close to the base, the other Rangers are stuck in traffic due to the games. Meanwhile, the Robo-Generals teleport to a nearby building where Robo-Blaze infects it with the Evox Virus.

The Racer Zord Battle Mode is sent out and confronts the Alphadrone that teleported near the infected building. Suddenly, it transports the two inside itself where Devon finds himself in a boxing ring. Devon tells Commander Shaw what is going on, and finds no way out, forcing the latter to contact the Rangers. They get there morphed, and notice the fight between the Racer Zord and the Alphadrone. Ravi is unable to open the doors even with his Gorilla Strength, causing Steel to suggest that they blast the building with the Striker Megazord. Unfortunately, they are unable to make a dent to the building.

In the boxing ring, Devon struggles against the Alphadrone, but he destroys it with a clothesline attack. However, he soon finds himself against a Betadrone and a Gammadrone at the same time. While the Racer Zord handles itself well against the Betadrone, it struggles against the Gammadrone’s kicking power. The Gammadrone soon pins the Racer Zord against the rope and the Betadrone grabs it to let its partner continue its attack. Fortunately, Devon manages to break free from the Betadrone’s grip at the last moment, and causes the Gammadrone to accidentally destroy its partner.

Outside, a Deltadrone appears, ready to be transported inside the building, but the Rangers try to latch onto the Gigadrone with their Cable Strike. Unfortunately, it does not work as the Rangers fail to make it inside with the Deltadrone, and they are soon confronted by the Tronics. Ravi and Zoey enter Beast-X Mode, and the Rangers manage to destroy the Tronics. Afterwards, Nate says he has an idea that involves adding the Ultrazord program into the Beast-X King Zord, hoping that its powerful enough to break into the building. They then head back to Grid Battleforce to make the modifications.

Back in the boxing ring, the Deltadrone enters the fight, and the Racer Zord struggles to handle against two powerful Gigadrones. Meanwhile, Nate finalizes the Ultrazord program, and the Rangers return to battlefield in their Zords, alongside the Beast-X King Zord. The five Zords combine to form the Beast-X King Ultrazord, and its immense strength manages to lift the building up and free Devon and the Gigadrones. However, it is soon revealed that the building was a giant Robotron, Boxertron. Regardless, the fight resumes, only for the Beast-X King Ultrazord to destroy Gammadrone with an Ultra Slash and Deltadrone with a Rapid Blast. That only leaves Boxertron, but the Robotron’s attacks do not affect the Ultrazord. After Devon clotheslines Boxertron, the others destroy the Robotron with a Beast-X King Ultra Strike.

Back at Grid Battleforce, Ravi is disappointed that their battles caused them to miss out on today’s events, but Nate reminds him and Steel that they were able to see some of it before their day got busy. Ravi apologizes for being selfish, and Steel suggests that they all do the routine checks so none of them misses out on the rest of the games. They manage to get their job done quickly and in time to see the karate finals.



  • This episode shares its name with an episode of Power Rangers Samurai.
  • This is the first sports special in the history of Power Rangers.
    • This episode was most likely supposed to celebrate the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. However, this sports event became postponed in March 2020 to July 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • This episode features an updated opening showing the Beast-X King Megazord and the Beast-X King Ultrazord.
  • It's the first special episode of Power Rangers aired before summer hiatus since the start of this show format in 2011 with Power Rangers Samurai.
  • It's the first "twenty-first episode" of a Power Rangers season, which is not a Halloween special since Power Rangers Samurai.
    • It is also the first "twenty-first episode" to air within the first ten episodes, instead of between episodes 12-17 in the franchise's history since the idea of the twenty-first episode being aired before the twentieth was an idea conceived during the Neo-Saban Era.
  • During a battle against the Tronics, posters for a Levi Weston concert can be seen in the background.
  • The Pan-Global Games were first mentioned in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Season 3 episode Final Face-Off which became the main plotline for Kimberly’s departure (and Amy Jo Johnson’s departure from the series)

    Levi’s cameo in the episode.

  • This is the third episode to not feature Ben and Betty after Hypnotic Halloween and Scrozzle’s Revenge.
    • Coincidentally, all three of these episodes were special episodes.
  • Boxertron comments that Alphadrone is "tougher than a $2 steak," which is one of multiple similes commonly used by former WWE and current AEW commentator Jim Ross.


  • The Beast-X King Megazord is shown in the intro but has yet to be introduced.
  • Dumbelltron, when falling down to explode, initially has his arm by his side when he is hit by the Beast-X Cannon Blast. Then the follow-up shot has it outstretched and giving Ravi the peace sign before calling to his side again and then it's suddenly back in front of him again when he falls flat on his face and explodes..
  • The sign that Dumbelltron is thrown into has blatant Japanese text on it.
  • How did Scrozzle have the data to create Alphadrone if Boxertron was only created after the Racer Zord was responding to deal with the Gigadrone?
    • It's not the same case as the Unidentified Gigadrones either since there was a clear parallel drawn between the Robotron and Gigadrones.
  • When the Rangers combine into the Beast-X King Ultrazord, the production team recycle the line "Beast-X Ultrazord, unleashed!", which is technically incorrect.

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