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"I, the mighty Bowser, will be claiming this legendary power of yours."
―Bowser's first words[src]

"All of you, shield me!"
―Bowser ordering his Zugormin to shield him and his final words before his first death.[src]

―Bowser reacting to GaoLion and his final words his destruction.[src]

Bowser is an Action Commander with superhuman speed and a left cybernetic claw.

Character History

Having found the intel of the space pirates from the Sneak Brothers, Damaras sends him to take the treasure on Animarium before the Gokaigers can find it. Deploying onto Animarium with a huge army of Gormin Sailors, Bowser announces he'll be taking the greater power. The battle begins as the Gokaigers fight the Gormin in their normal mode for a while before Bowser's super speed prompts them to become the Turborangers. However, the battle attracts unwanted attention, as GaoLion makes his appearance knocking the Action Commander off the island alongside his army and the Gokaigers. While the Gokaigers use the Jetman form to fly down, Bowser rides on top of a Sugormin-transformed jet fighter and manages to attack Ahim before being shot down. Damaras orders him to either capture or destroy Gao Lion

Unfortunately, Warz Gill, having caught Damaras going behind his back, changes Bowser's objective to conquering the city because he finds the Greatest Treasure in the Universe to be nothing but a trivial pursuit. While Ahim and Don are with Kakeru Shishi to treat Ahim's injury from the sky attack, the other three stumble upon him attacking civilians. They are able to battle Bowser's Gormin troops while also protecting the citizens caught in the crossfire, which GaoLion sees. With Ahim and Don joining the fray, the Gokaigers assume the form of the Gaorangers and Gokai Red as Gao Red fights Bowser to counter his speed while his crew take care of the Sugormin. After they defeat the Sugormin, who shield him, with the Evil-Crushing Hyakujuuken, Bowser soon follows courtesy of the Gokai Blast Final Wave.

Once enlarged along with the three Zugormin units by Insarn, Bowser fires his left claw to lock the wheel on Gokaioh's back, but the hold is broken when the Gokaigers use the Gaoranger Keys. Gao Lion appears and combines with GokaiOh to form Gao GokaiOh. After the Sugormin are taken out despite their motorcycle form, Bowser is killed with the Gokai Animal Heart.

Super Hero Taisen

He is revived in Super Hero Taisen as a member of Dai-Zangyack. During the final battle he is seen fighting GokaiBlue, MagiBlue, Ichigou and GingaYellow.


  • Bowser was originally a fast, powerful alien with canine-like limbs and fangs. Insarn enhanced him with suspension for his legs and a heavy claw on his left hand.
  • He was in charge of "Operation Hijack the Great Power" (大いなる力強奪作戦 Ōinaru Chikara Gōdatsu Sakusen) which was then changed to "Operation Earth Hunting Raid" (地球狩猟侵略作戦 Chikyū Shuryō Shinryaku Sakusen).

Powers and Abilities


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Behind the Scenes


  • Bowser is voiced by Keikō Sakai (酒井 敬幸 Sakai Keikō).


  • He was designed by Yasushi Nirasawa.
  • His design is a combination of a spider crab and a dog.

Concept Art


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  • Bowser's name is the same as that of the main antagonist of the iconic Super Mario video game series.


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