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"You...haven't...won the game...yet. Ohh..."
―Bowling Org´s last words before of his second death.[src]

The Bowling Org was a bowling themed monster Org who serves as the main villain of the episode "Tornado Spin".


Bowling Org was hired by Jindrax and Toxica to destroy the rangers. He had many bowling balls and was powerful enemy. He attacked the city and encountered the rangers. In their first battle Bowling Org easily defeated the rangers with his bowling balls. In the second battle Merrick tried to battle the monster, but his moon weapon was made for billiard, not for bowling. So Merrick loosed the battle, like other rangers. Max go back to his old mentor, a former pro bowler and remembered about his old battle technique "Spin Tornado" and returned to the battle. Monster was already ready to kill Merrick, but Max learns the spin and uses it against the Bowling Org. Org was defeated by technique of Max and rangers used their jungle sword to finally destroy the monster. Toxica ressurected the Org. In the giant form Bowling Org was even more powerful and he defeated many Zords of rangers with his balls. The rangers finally destroyed Bowling Org with "Spin Tornado attack" in the Wild Force Megazord Predator Mode.


Like all other orgs, which rangers fighted, Bowling Org is sneaky, cunning, spiteful, unpredictable and unsympathetic. He is very brutal and sadistic and enjoys hurting enemies, as he did with rangers. He is very arrogant, boastful, confident and stubborn, likes his job and will not stop at nothing to destroy the rangers. Org is also a cowardly, it is shown because he feared to loose the rangers. Despite all of this, he is very loyal to Jindrax and Toxica.

Powers and abilities.

Superhuman Strength: Bowling Org has superhuman strength enough to fight all rangers.


Bowling Balls: Org has many bowling balls to fight the rangers.

Behind the scenes.


Bowling Org was voiced by Richard Epcar.


Bowling Org is the first monster defeated singly by Max.

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