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"But I'm not the target here..."
―Final words before Death[src]

Bowguns (ボウガンス Bōgansu, 3) is one of the Players from Team Azald. He was sent to Earth to destroy the cars and vehicles.

Character History

Ep. 3: Want to Go Home but Can’t

Through scanning Zyuoh Tiger's memory of him, Bowguns was "revived" as a giant by Bangray, serving as a decoy while he left to pursue the Whale Change Gun which was taken by Gokai Red who was also pursued by Zyuoh Eagle. Realizing Bowguns' purpose, the Zyuman Zyuohgers entrusted Zyuoh TheWorld with him as they dealt with Dorobozu. Forming Tousai Zyuoh to engage Bowguns, Zyuoh The World quickly destroyed the revived Player with the Komori Boomerang Zyuoh Cutter. Ep. 28: The Space Pirates Return


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  • Medal Slot: Left Chest
  • Blood Game: Sniping Vehicles in motion.
  • Genre: High-Speed Shooting


  • Gunsbow (ガンスボウ Gansubou): Bowguns's crossbow which can shoot a beam arrow.

Powers and Abilities

  • Sight Eye (サイト眼 Saito Gan): Bowguns's eyes which can lock on targets allowing him to shoot his beam arrows at the enemy more accurately.
  • Combo: Take this! (食らうでがんす! Kurau de gansu): A combo move which Bowguns jumps and using Gunsbow to fire a barrage of beam arrows at his target.

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