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Boulder Cliff

An overhead view of Boulder Cliff

Boulder Cliff is a small town located somewhere in the northern California region in the Power Rangers Boom! Studios comic book universe. Despite it being called a small town, Trini described that it consists of only a few houses and a general store. It is located in a valley facing a mountain cliff with the famous boulder on top of it that gave the town its name and is surrounded by Sequoia forest woodland.


Trini went to Boulder Cliff for a vacation with her parents and stayed in her uncle's cabin with her two younger cousins. She enjoyed her time off from being a Power Ranger until an artifact called the Babelstone crash landed from space and Goldar arrived at the order of Rita Repulsa to collect the stone. After a chase and a fight with the Putties, Goldar grew to giant size and due to the Babelstone's power interfering with her ability to contact the other Rangers or summon her Zord, Trini improvised and used the boulder landmark to crush Goldar. The other Power Rangers arrived soon after and put the boulder landmark back on the cliff upon Trini's request.

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