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Botolar is Vader Monster "46" of the Vader Clan

Character History

Botolar works alongside a squadron of Vader Clan fighters lead by Keller and Mirror initially to merely invade Denzi Land; however they become distracted and more interested in the emergence of a mysterious mermaid princess who lives nearby and appears to help and protect Akagi in particular. Realizing the power and potential that having her would hold to the Vader Clan, Botolar attacks the Denziman in hopes of trying to capture the mermaid; however the team ultimately protect her while convincing her to return to the ocean ultimately to be there for her people similar to how Princess Denzi was there for the Denzi survivors. The team ultimately defeat Botolar with the Denzi Lightning Fall, then with DaiDenzin after it grows giant.


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His main ability is to become a boat which manipulates anyone who rides in it, including making harpoons appear out of nowhere attacking those riding in him. He can also fire "boat beams" from its hands, a double sided oar, swim, change his size, spawn illusions, and fire explosive swords from his head.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Naming: "Boto" - "Boat"


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