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"Now that you're out of the open, you're mine!"
―Borax to the Gold Ranger while following him.[src]

"This is more like it! Now I can destroy you all single handedly!"
―Borax after being enlarged[src]

"Alright, let’s get this over with!"
―Borax preparing to battle the Zeo Megazord.[src]

―Borax's final words before his destruction.[src]

Borax is a member of the Varox.


Borax landed on Earth and allied with King Mondo upon learning that he was also out to destroy the Power Rangers, Mondo offering him the Rangers' power if he worked with Mondo to destroy them. Borax attacked when the Rangers tried to find out who the Gold Ranger was. Borax shot and greatly weakened the Gold Ranger. The Rangers blasted Borax with the Zeo Cannon, which temporarily defeated him. The Rangers tried to tend to the Gold Ranger, but Orbus made Borax grow, forcing the Rangers to send the Gold Ranger to the Power Chamber while they confronted Borax in the Zeo Megazord. Borax went underground and soon knocked down the Zeo Megazord in a surprise attack. He then leapt out from underneath the Megazord, but the Rangers retaliated by striking Borax with their saber, leaving him weakened. Then the Zeo Megazord destroyed Borax. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Do I Know You?


Although a minor antagonist for the most part, Borax's destruction had major consequences in Zeo. As a direct result of their fellow Varox demise, the Varox went on the offensive and ended up shooting down Pyramidas over Aquitar. This resulted in Trey losing his powers and having to transfer them to the original Mighty Morphin Red Power Ranger Jason Scott.


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Powers and Abilities


  • Energy Ball Blast: Borax can fire red energy balls from his hands. This is his most deadly attack as one volley made five of the Rangers roll aside and a second knocked down all six Rangers with one blast.
    • Energy Ball Empowerment: Borax can charge up the wires on either side of his head with yellow energy and fire forth yellow energy balls.
    • Energy Ball Barrage: Borax can fire a stream of these red energy balls from his hands that proved absolutely fatal for Trey.
  • Energy Ball Breath: Borax can fire pink energy blasts from his mouth that are powerful enough to knock back the Zeo Megazord.
  • Burrowing: Borax can leap with so much force that he burrowed underground to unleash underground attacks.


  • Strength: Borax is an extremely strong monster, nearly destroying Trey and easily overwhelming the Zeo Megazord. When giant, a single swipe to the Megazord's leg knocked it over.
  • Durability: Borax has thick metal skin that allowed his body to remain intact after being shot by the Zeo Cannon and a slash across the chest from the Zeo Megazord Saber did not destroy him.
  • Expert Bounty Hunter: Borax is part of the Varox, the best bounty hunters in the galaxy so it stands to reason he is great at it. He even calls himself the "supreme bounty hunter for the Zeta quadrant."
    • Expert Tracker: Borax was able to track Trey from his ship to where he was asked by Tommy if he could wait a minute.


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  • Fists: At no point did Borax ever deploy a weapon against the Rangers but he was a skilled fighter with his bare hands.
  • Varox Ship: Borax used a ship owned by the Varox bounty hunting race to come to Earth although he never used it in battle.

Behind the Scenes



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  • Borax is the final monster to be destroyed by the Zeo Megazord on its own.
  • It is unclear who hired Borax to steal the Gold Ranger or whether he went on a personal vendetta against Trey of Triforia.
  • Borax's pink energy ball attack is very similar to that of Main Drain.


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