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―Boomtower's first words upon being activated and hitting his head on a lamp.[src]

"Oooh! I don’t know what Nephrite is, but I know power when it's in my hand."
―Boomtower holding the Nephrite Orb in his hand.[src]

"Another heist. Yes, my speciality."
―Boomtower after Void Knight gave him the mission of stealing the Sporix from the Rangers' base.[src]

"Have a taste of my Boom Blast."
―Boomtower demonstrating his powerful ability by blasting the Rangers.[src]

"Ugh! Aah! Argh! Ow! Aaargh!"
― Boomtower's final words before his death.[src]

"Oh! Ow! Wait, wait, wait! Not a third time! Come on!"
―Boomtower's final words before his permanent death.[src]

Boomtower was a robotic rook/tank-based warrior in Power Rangers Dino Fury, Void Knight's second general, his initial second-in-command until his quick demise by the Rangers, and the tertiary antagonist of Season 1.

Character History

Boomtower is activated.

Boomtower is created by Void Knight and comes online just as Mucus arrives with Draknarok. Void Knight gives the order to him, Mucus, and Draknarok to get the Nephrite Orb which will make him virtually unstoppable and enable him to easily destroy the Dino Fury Rangers. Bomtower goes with his allies to get the orb and prepares to use it to make himself invincible. When confronted by Warden Garcia, he attacks him and faces the Rangers with Draknarok but loses the Orb during the fight. After being informed by Mucus that Javi has it, he and Draknarok corner him to obtain the orb only to be stopped by Izzy who manages to save her brother. Boomtower and Draknarok face the Rangers again and Javi destroys the Orb which leads to him and Izzy finding the Black and Green Dino Fury Keys within it and becoming Power Rangers. The new Rangers join in the fight with the others and together they face Boomtower and Draknarok. The robotic general summons an army of Hengemen but the Rangers destroyed them all, forcing him to escape and dooming Draknarok. Tvicon.png TV STORY-New Recruits

Brineblast hatches in the park whilst Jane and J-Borg hold a presentation to a group of children in front of BuzzBlast just as Boomtower and Mucus arrive to claim the seemingly dormant Sporix Egg. The Dino Fury Rangers regroup and morph at which point they do their roll call. Boomtower commands Brineblast to attack and he easily overwhelms Izzy and Ollie although his teammates doesn't care as well to the point of Mucus summoning Hengemen and Brineblast trying to run away. After Brineblast is beaten down,Boomtower regroups with the Sporix and they withdraw. In Area 62, Brineblast receives the order from Void Knight to distract the Rangers whilst Boomtower finds a bomb drill in the forest that will destroy the Tiger Claw Zord before it can be used against them. They knows this because Mucus overheard the Rangers mention that they are going to find the Zord at Greenly Woods. Whilst the Rangers gp to fight the now giant Brineblast with the Dino Fury Megazord, Izzy goes on a run at the Junior High Championships and stay behind to help a friend only to stumble upon the scheme. Izzy immediately morph and clashes swords with Boomtower but he throws her off and then teleports out with Mucus to get a safe distance away from the explosion. Fortunately, Izzy is able to destroy the drill when the other Power Rangers lead Brineblast to the mountain and he obliterates the drill which frees her Zord which she then uses in order to defeat Brineblast. After Brineblast changes back into a Sporix Egg, the Rangers go to retrieve it only for Boomtower to arrive first and steal the egg before he immediately teleports back to the Area 62. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Winning Attitude

Boomtower catches Mucus lounging in Void Knight's chair and warns her about the consequences. Later, he uses Amelia's Dino Fury Morpher to teleport into the Rangers' base after it is damaged by Smashstone, stolen by Mucus, and repaired by Void Knight. Mucus uses her new Morpher to permanently destroy the old one and teleport herself and Boomtower to where her teammates are fighting Smashstone. Boomtower fights both Amelia and Ollie until he tells them they are done, misspelling the word as "D-U-N-E," leading to a comment from Amelia about his terrible spelling. He leaves them but returns after Smashstone's defeat to collect him but Izzy snatches Smashstone up with her Elasto Dino Key and Boomtower escapes empty-handed. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Superstition Strikes

When the Void Knight refuses to exit his hidden chamber, Boomtower gets restless because he was created to be muscle and destroy, not to sit and wait. Ignoring Mucus' warning, Boomtower opens the Sporix Machine, causing a Sporix Egg to pop out which he then puts into his chest to massively increase his power. As Izzy and Javi meet outside of BuzzBlast to argue about laundry, Boomtower arrives with Mucus and some Hengemen, sending them to weaken the Ranger duo. Izzy calls Zayto for assistance before she and Javi activate their Boost Keys and Boomtower is overwhelmed by the Sprint Streak. Though he does quickly grab their Chromafury Sabers and forces them away with an energized slash, Zayto jumps off a building in Hyper Mode and Hyper Strike him twice before rolling away as Boomtower energy slashes the ground. As he tries to retaliate, Boomtower finds himself pinned down by Amelia's Gravi Ball as Ollie uses his Elasto Lash only for him to unleash his more powerful and far more destructive abilities. Joyful, Boomtower unleashes his Boom Blast, blasting down and demorphing everyone except for Izzy and Javi who were unfazed because of the Shield Block. As Javi blocks the Boom Blast, Izzy tries an attack from the side only to be energy slashed out of the air and get badly hurt. Unfortunately, before Boomtower can finish off the Power Rangers, Void Knight appears with an army of Hengemen. Void Knight is understandably angry at one of his Sporix getting stolen and forces Boomtower and Mucus to retreat to Area 62 with him, leaving his Hengemen escort to finish the Rangers though that fails.

Soon after however, the Ranger Hotline gets a call as Javi uses his flute to activate his dormant Zord and the Rangers get word of a "robot" attacking the city. With Izzy hurt and Javi looking for his Zord, Zayto takes the other two remaining Rangers to confront the monster only for them to find a gigantic Boomtower. Amelia is intimidated and Boomtower blasts them with devastating eye lasers, revealing that Void Knight let him keep the Sporix Egg so he can use it to destroy the Rangers. Zayto summons the Zords and they form the Dino Fury Megazord. They try to overwhelm Boomtower with the Mega Fury Saber but he blocks all of their hits and even when they do land a hit, he completely shrugs it off. Boomtower then unloads with cannonballs which the Dino Fury Megazord dodges most of but still takes massive damage, bringing it to its knees. Delighted, Boomtower prepares to annihilate the Megazord with his Boom Blast until the new Stego Spike Zord fires dozens of sharp spikes at him. With the extra help they need, the Rangers form the Dino Fury Megazord Spike Formation which fails to intimidate Boomtower, who attacks. However, they easily deflect a powerful slash and deliver a beat-down before forming an impenetrable blockade with the formation's weapons, deflecting a slash so hard that Boomtower is forced to drop his sword. Unarmed and helpless, Boomtower gets picked up by the new Megazord formation over its head and tossed down but he soon recovers and charges up for his Boom Blast. However, before he can fire it, the Spike Formation fires off a barrage of sharp spikes that force him to abort the attack. With Boomtower crippled, Zayto summons the Mega Fury Saber and the Rangers defeat Boomtower with the Stego Mega Punches. Boomtower is initially dismissive of the idea that it could defeat him but realizes that it has as he falls onto his side and explodes. Though Boomtower survives this, he is crippled and badly damaged, forcing him to retreat with Mucus as the Rangers teleported down. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Stego Search

Off-screen Boomtower is fixed up again presumably by Void Knight. He later convinces Void Knight to give him another shot at the Rangers so he can steal the Ninja Nexus Prism. Void Knight gives him the chance, but tells him not to return if he fails. In exchange to these terms, Boomtower agrees, but only if he gets Wolfgang as backup. Together the two track the Prism to the port, but it soon jets off into the water so they decide to fight off the Rangers. Boomtower and Wolfgang are nearly successful in overpowering the Rangers till Mick arrives and manages to neutralize Wolfgang's sonic howl saving the Rangers. When the plan failed, he grows giant along with Wolfgang, implying that he kept the stolen Sporix after his initial defeat. Despite his attempt to put up a fight, he was overpowered and destroyed by the Dino Fury Megazord Warrior Formation. The Sporix that he absorbed is sent flying out with Mucus trying to intercept it, but Izzy grabs it in time. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Unexpected Guest


Boomtower is resurrected by Reaghoul on Void Knight's orders to fight the Rangers while he takes Dr. Akana's equipment to take control of the Morphin Grid to resurrect his lover Santaura. Boomtower takes Slyther's Sporix to enlarge once again but is destroyed a second time by the Mosa Shadow Megazord. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Waking Nightmares

Boomtower is resurrected again by Reaghoul but this time he doesn’t have a Sporix to enlarge again. He participates at the final battle against the Rangers with Void Knight, Reaghoul, Mucus, and Slyther. After Void Knight leaves with Dr. Akana's capacitor, Reaghoul sends Dr. Akana as well as Mucus and Slyther in the Dark Dimension. Boomtower does not care about of his comrades. Whereas Reaghoul fights Zayto, Boomtower fights the five others Rangers. After a ferocious fight, Boomtower is ultimately destroyed by Amelia when she combines her power with the power of the other four Rangers while Reaghoul is destroyed soon after by the T-Rex Cosmic Megazord, stopping his resurrections once and for all. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Void Trap


Despite his death, Boomtower's battle with the Rangers allowed Void Knight to capture four Rangers and use their connection to the Morphin Grid to try and revive Santaura. Void Knight captures Zayto soon after when he tries to stop him. However, Ollie freed them while Izzy and Aiyon destroy Void Knight's machine, seemingly killing them both.


Boomtower was a ruthless and sadistic robot who serves under Void Knight's command and was absolutely loyal to him. He did not seem to be the brightest given he walked into a lamp upon his activation but also not an idiot given he had quick thinking to pick up Brineblast's Sporix form and teleport away, could perfectly understand Void Knight's plans, and put them into action. He did seem to be rather arrogant and violent, thinking he could best anyone in his way like the Rangers or Solon, but he did seem to get cocky which allows his enemies get the best of him. He appeared to have a spoiled attitude since he believed anything involving power should be rightfully his and when he lost in his first Megazord battle, he claimed his defeat was unfair because he had "gigantic plans for being gigantic". Boomtower was shown not to care about his comrades Mucus and Slyther when Reaghoul sent them to the Dark Dimension.

Powers and Abilities


  • Strength: Boomtower possessed enormous strength, easily overwhelming Javi in combat and a single downward swing of his sword caused a massive explosion though Javi was unaffected thanks to the Shield Dino Key.
    • Super Strength-After upgrading himself, Boomtower was able to cripple Izzy with a single energized slash of his sword and overwhelm the Dino Fury Megazord.
  • Armor: Boomtower had heavily-enforced rock-like armor that lets him withstand multiple slashes from the Chromafury Sabers without getting a scratch on him.
    • Super Armor-After upgrading himself, Boomtower's armor became more heavily-enforced, allowing him to shrug off a slash from the Mega Fury Saber and survive the Stego Mega Punches though it did leave him critically damaged.
  • Hengemen Summoning: Boomtower could summon Hengemen at will to serve him and his fellow Sporix Beasts in battle.
  • Teleportation: Like other members of the Sporix Army, Boomtower could teleport in a massive vertical column of purple energy.
  • Sporix Absorption: Boomtower could absorb a Sporix Egg into the cannon in his chest and tap into its energy to increase his power.
    • Enlarging: After absorbing a Sporix and tapping into its energy, Boomtower gained the ability to enlarge himself in a flash of red energy with his body expanding to giant size.
      • Earthquake Causing: Boomtower's enlargement also caused the entire city to rock and shake, nearly knocking down the three responding Rangers.
  • Body Enhancement: Boomtower was able to project round shots from across his body and engulf himself and them in a red gelatinous liquid from the ground before having the shots fuse with him to upgrade himself.
    • Laser Vision: After upgrading himself, Boomtower can fire massive red lasers from his eyes. When he was giant, these caused massive explosions and took three Rangers down with one hit.
  • Chest Cannon Blast: Boomtower was able to fire energy blasts from the cannon in his chest.
    • Boom Blast: Boomtower's signature attack which he could only use after upgrading himself where he fires a gigantic destructive red or orange energy beam from his chest cannon. This was also his strongest attack since it caused a massive explosion that took down and demorphed three Rangers with one hit.
      • Boom Stream-Another variation of the Boom Blast where he released large jets of sea blue and purple flame-like lava from his chest cannon which he attempted to use on the Dino Fury Megazord Warrior Formation but it was repelled.


  • Expert Hand-To-Hand Combatant: In addition to his incredible raw strength, Boomtower was an expert hand-to-hand combatant able to take on all five of the Rangers with ease and catch Javi's Chromafury Saber with his bare hands.
  • Master Swordsman: Boomtower was a master fighter with his claymore, overwhelming all five Rangers and the Dino Fury Megazord with his weapon alone.


  • Sensitive Hearing: Boomtower appeared to have sensitive hearing as seen when he and Draknarok could not handle Javi's harmonica music.
  • Superior Strength: Although strong in his own right, Boomtower was easily overpowered by those stronger than him as seen with the Dino Fury Megazord Spike Formation and the Dino Fury Megazord Warrior Formation.


  • Claymore: Boomtower wielded a very large watchtower-shaped sword for combat.
    • Shockwaves: Boomtower could use his claymore to create indigo or purple shockwaves.
    • Energy Empowerment: Boomtower could charge up his claymore with purple or blue energy to slash at full force. A single hit wiped out both Zayto and Izzy when fighting alongside Brineblast.
      • Hyper Energy Empowerment-After upgrading himself, Boomtower could charge his claymore up with pure indigo energy to slash with more force. A single strike critically injured Izzy.
    • Explosion: Boomtower could power up his sword with purple energy and swing it downward to cause a massive explosion although Javi managed to protect himself from it.
    • Energy Waves: Boomtower could generate purple energy waves from his claymore.
  • Nephrite Orb: Boomtower stole the Nephrite Orb which grants the user an increase in strength and would make him invincible when he inserts it into his chest, until Javi stole it from him and later destroyed it.
  • Drill Bomb: Boomtower used a drill that acted as a bomb in an attempt to destroy the Tiger Claw Zord but Brineblast's water attack destroyed it before it was able to do so however.
  • Round Shots: Boomtower was armed with yellow and dark yellow checkerboard-patterned round shots which he could insert in the openings on the back of his shoulders to later fire them off from his chest cannon like cannonballs.
    • Explosive Cannonballs: After being revived in the episode "Waking Nightmares", Boomtower's round shots were upgraded into cannonballs that explode when a spark triggers the gas they release.
  • Dino Fury Morpher: Boomtower used Amelia's stolen Morpher to teleport his way into the Rangers' base. However he lost the Morpher when Amelia slashed it, breaking it.

Sporix Beasts

Dino Fury Key

Boomtower Key

The Boomtower Key is based on the Boomtower. Using this key in the Dino Fury Morpher lets him transform into Boomtower. This key is exclusive to the Hasbro toyline.

Behind the Scenes



  • Boomtower was based on a rook chess piece and a tank.

Concept Art

Boomtower's Official Artwork


  • His name was a pun on the onomatopoeia boom and tower to fit his rook design.
    • However, the actual name "Boomtower" seems to be a clumsy pun on Boomhauer, a character from long-running cartoon King of the Hill.


  • Boomtower was the first of Void Knight's generals to fight the Rangers' Megazord and survive the initial encounter.


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