The Book of Prophecy is a book in the Power Rangers/Super Sentai franchise.


Mahou Sentai Magiranger

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Mystic Force

Necrolai found the Book of Prophecy amongst the ruins of the Underworld after Leanbow's attack on The Master. It foretold of her finding the Inner Sanctum. However, before Necrolai could read further into the book, it flew off and was not seen again for some time.The Light

Later, it reappeared, and Necrolai was able to read more in it. However, Serpentina plucked the book from the Vampire Queen, she read her destiny and allowed the book to escape once more.Hard Heads

It then found its way to a moping Leelee Pimvare. While feeling sorry for herself in the Underworld, the Book of Prophecy went to Leelee and she soon read that she would soon become the new Queen of the Vampires.Light Source

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