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""It's all reds!""
―Bongan when confronted by the powers of Bouken Red, Shinken Red, Magi Red, Gosei Red, Geki Red, and Gao Red. Also his final words before his initial demise.[src]
―Bongan reacting to the destruction of his last Zgormin and his final words before his death.[src]

Bongan (ボンガン) is the Action Commander sent to lead the second wave of attack on Earth.



Bongan upon meeting the Gokaigers.

As the armada arrived, he was sent down along with dozens of Zgormin and hundreds of Gormin. Bongan started to open fire on buildings while his Gormin gunned down and attacked civilians with their clubs. At the time of this attack, Captain Marvelous decided to test a young boy who took his Shinken Red Ranger Key. The boy fought off several Gormin but was swiftly defeated by Bongan. The trigger happy Action Commander fired at some vehicles when he and his guard was confronted by the Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. Bongan was curious as to what they wanted, Marvelous just said that they happened to be looking for something. After a battle with the Gormin, they were attacked by a trio of Zgormin that were quickly destroyed via Final Wave.

Bongan turned up and fired at them with his cannon, telling them not to get carried away, warning them he wouldn't go down as easy as the Zgormin. As he fired at them, they changed into the Dekarangers, using their D-Weapons on the incoming shells and then turning their fire on Bongan himself. The frustrated Bongan decided to do something other than shooting and charged at them, but they turned into the Hurricanegers and lashed out at him. As he was down on the pavement, the Gokaigers changed into Red warriors, Marvelous (Shinken Red), Gibken (GaoRed), Luka Millfy (MagiRed), Don Dogoier (Gosei Red) and Ahim de Famille (GekiRed). Their combo attack was too much for him and he was defeated. But as the Gokaigers walked off triumphantly, they discovered that Bongan along with the Zgormin trio, were growing via the Gigant Horse. Bongan and the Zgormin started to open fire on the city. The Gokaigers summoned GokaiOh and after a battle, were eventually able to destroy Bongan and the Zgormin. Ep. 2: The Worth of this Planet


  • Height - 201cm (Giant: 50.3 m)
  • Weight - 151kg (Giant: 377.5 t)



concept art

  • Despite being the second Action Commander, Bongan is the first Action Commander to be grown after he is defeated, as Shikabanen wasn't grown.
  • His motif is the one of an octopus.
  • His name is a pun on Honkan (本官), which means "Officer".
  • His design is reminiscent of Vilgax, one of the primary antagonists of the Ben 10 series.


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