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"Who am I to resist such a request?"
―Boneswitch's first words.[src]

"Hold that thought. Switcheroo!"
―Boneswitch switching the Rangers' bodies.[src]

"You brats are the ones in...big trouble!"
―Boneswitch when enlarging himself.[src]

"No, no! Not the tail! Argh!"
―Boneswitch's final words before being reverted to a Sporix Cell.[src]

Boneswitch was a mind-swapping satyr/faun-based Sporix Beast and the seventeenth Sporix Beast from the Sporix Army to awaken. He served under Void Knight's command and was the main antagonist of the episode "The Makeover".



Over 65 million years ago, Boneswitch and the other Sporix Beasts invaded Rafkon, the home planet of Zayto. Though he and his fellow Knights of Rafkon fought hard, the Sporix ravaged Rafkon and removed all traces of life from the planet. The Sporix then turned their attention to Earth but Zayto and the remaining Knights had managed to escape Rafkon and tracked the Sporix Beasts to Earth where they engaged them in battle with the help of the dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. Boneswitch was first seen hatching on Earth with Brineblast and another unidentified Sporix Beast before the Rafkon Knights descended upon the three.

Dino Fury

When the other Sporix are accidentally released in the modern day during Void Knight's invasion of Dinohenge, Boneswitch is amongst the Sporix Beasts that escape. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Destination Dinohenge

Boneswitch hatched offscreen and was found by Mucus and Slthyer. The two brought him back to Area 62 and introduced him to Void Knight. After showcasing his ability to swap people's bodies, Void Knight asked Boneswitch tells him to steal Purplebeard's talismans from the Pine Ridge Museum and swap any Rangers that could interfere.

In the museum, Boneswitch crushed through the crates to search for the treasure chest. He sees the chest inside the truck and takes it. However, when he opened it, the chest was empty. When the Rangers arrived, Boneswitch destroyed the chest in anger and summons the Hengemen. The Rangers morphed in response but before they can begin to fight, Boneswitch immediately switched Zayto, Amelia, Ollie, and Javi's bodies, causing them to de-morph, while Aiyon and Izzy managed to escape the body switch. Both took on Boneswitch while the other four attempted to rejoin the fight. However, they discovered that they could not morph. Knowing they couldn't fight like this, Zayto/Amelia, Ollie/Javi, Amelia/Zayto, and Javi/Ollie teleported back to base. That left Aiyon fighting Boneswitch. Aiyon dons the Electro Battle Armor and was about to finish the Sporix Beast with the Electro Fury Blade Blast, but Boneswitch managed to escape at the last few seconds.

Later that day, Boneswitch and the Hengemen wrecked havoc on Palm Plaza, but the Rangers managed to arrive in time. He taunts them that they can't morph without their powers, but to his shock, the body swapped Rangers switch their Dino Keys as Ollie/Javi and Solon managed to figure out a work around with morphing in different bodies. Aiyon charges first on Boneswitch, but the he switches the Gold Ranger's body with a pigeon, causing him to de-morph. The remaining five then take on the Hengemen using both the Blazing Battle Armor and Boost Keys, before turning their attention to Boneswitch. The five Rangers then use Dino Fury Boom Slash on Boneswitch. Enraged, he grows into a giant. The Rangers summon the Dino Fury Megazord Warrior Formation and take on Boneswitch before using Stego Drill attack on the Sporix Beast's horns, breaking it apart. This causes the body switch to be undone, with the Rangers returning to their respective bodies before they continue their battle. Aiyon also returns to his body and rejoins the others in the Megazord. Panicking, Boneswitch attempts to escape, but Aiyon calls the Mosa Razor Zord to take care of him. The aquatic Zord manages to capture Boneswitch and destroyed him with its tail attack. Boneswitch's Sporix Cell then falls to the ground, being reclaimed by Void Knight. Despite being disappointed that Boneswitch failed, Void Knight promises the Sporix that he will serve him well as a cell before teleporting away.

Later that day, the consequences of Boneswitch's actions are revealed. It turns out the chest he smashed turned out to be a map for Purplebeard's talismans, turning out to be Dino Fury Keys. This means that, inadvertently, Boneswitch helped the Rangers acquire two new upgrades.


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Powers and Abilities


  • Boneswitch (powers).jpg
    Switcheroo: Boneswitch's signature attack where he fired red and blue energy from his horns to swap his opponents' bodies.
  • Strength: Boneswitch possessed enough strength to break open museum crates.
  • Hengemen Summoning: Boneswitch could summon an army of Hengemen to aid him in battle.
  • Armor: Boneswitch had a large skull-like protrusion covering his torso that allowed him to withstand multiple attacks.
  • Energy Slashes: Boneswitch could unleash purple energy slashes from his hands.
  • Teleportation: Boneswitch was able to teleport in a column of purple energy.
  • Enlarging: Like most Sporix Beasts, Boneswitch could enlarge himself using the energy that he gained by fighting in battle.


  • Sight: Despite lacking eyes on his head, Boneswitch could see using the eyes on his chest.
  • Leaping: Boneswitch could jump over long distances.


  • Severed Horns: When Boneswitch's horns were severed, he was unable to use his mind-swapping powers and those that got their minds swapped were returned to their rightful bodies.


  • Claws: Boneswitch had no weapons of his own but possessed razor sharp claws.

Behind the Scenes



  • Boneswitch was based upon a satyr, a half human half goat being in Greek mythology commonly associated with fertility. The Greek god Pan is a Satyr.


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  • Boneswitch was the first Sporix Beast to be defeated by the Mosa Razor Zord and the second to have his Sporix collected by Void Knight personally.
  • Boneswitch was the final Sporix Beast to appear in Power Rangers Dino Fury Season 1 and the final Sporix Beast in Season 1 to be collected by Void Knight's team.
  • Boneswitch is one of the few monsters of the week to have their powers altered from their Sentai counterpart. While he had mind-switching powers, his Sentai counterpart had magnetism powers.


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