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"Hey now. Don't just stand there."
―Bomber the Great's first words after crash landing in the Baranoia Palace.[src]
"They finally...got me...I shouldn't have tried to become Baranoia's Emperor... I was a loner from the start. Adiós, Ohrangers."
―Bomber the Great's final words before his death.[src]

Bomber the Great (ボンバー・ザ・グレート Bonbā za Gurēto), also called the "Universal Bomb Guy" (宇宙の爆弾野郎 Uchū no Bakudan Yarō), was just another one of Baranoia's Machine Beasts, yet was able to turn his entire body into a missile. He was also the empire's finest military officer.


Bomber was exiled after a failed attempt to take over the Machine Empire Baranoia, only to return upon hearing of the death of Emperor Bacchus Wrath to try and take over once again. This time he set his sights on trying to take over the empty throne.

After revising the Baranoia Constitution, Art 12, Bomber challenged Buldont to a duel for the Empire which he won and banished Buldont, and later Empress Hysteria, proclaiming himself "Bomber the Great the 1st, New Emperor of Baranoia" (ボンバー・ザ・グレート最初 バラノイアの新皇帝 Bonbā za Gurēto Saisho Baranoia no Shin Kōtei). At first, being new to the throne, Bomber did his best at leading the Empire, trying to win Hysteria's affections and to kill the Ohrangers in the process, but consistently met with failure in both prospects.

He was eventually killed by the OhRangers after Kaiser Buldont returned to take back his birthright and Princess Multiwa took control of Bomber by reprogramming him. Bomber was soon sent on a suicide mission to kill the OhRangers, but was destroyed by a massive ball of fire thrown his way by King Pyramider Battle Formation (with OhBlocker) before he could accomplish this.

He was rebuilt, shortly afterwards, to destroy the sun, only to fail. He was flung towards the other side of space by Gunmazin where he was destroyed for good.


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