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"Ugh! I am at your command."
―Bambardo's first lines after being created.[src]
"Oh, no! My booty's busted!"
―Bombardo's final words before his destruction.[src]

Bombardo is a arquebus/factory-theme monster and the primary villain of the episode "Pirate in Pink"


This black arquebus/factory-theme monster was created by Kamdor from an abandoned pirate ship cannon and sent alongside Miratrix to obtain the Eye of the Sea. He was armed with a powerful cannon on his shoulder, hence his name. In the first encounter alongside Miratrix against four of the Rangers, he attacked the Rangers until Rose, who was possessed by Brownbeard the Pirate's ghost, gave him and Miratrix a beating, making the two fall back. Later, when Brownbeard unpossessed Rose, Brownbeard had the Eye of the Sea until Miratrix and Bombardo attacked and made off with the Eye of the Sea. Later Miratrix and Bombardo attacked San Angeles and wanted to use Eyes of the Sea to destroy the city. Brownbeard caught up with Miratrix and Bombardo and tried to reclaim the Eye of the Sea. They almost finished him off but Rose came just in time to save him. Bombardo used the Eye of the Sea to turn into a giant buzzsaw machine, but was taken out by the Shovel Driver, causing him to revert back. Kamdor then used a sutra to make Bombardo grow and the Drivemax Megazord combined itself with the Shovel Driver to form the Drivemax Megazord Shovel Formation. It was this form that destroyed Bombardo. Pirate in Pink


Bombardo is ruthless, cold and will stop at nothing to destroy the Rangers. But he is also loyal to Miratrix.

Powers And Abilities

Bombardo (Monster Form)

  • Strength: Bombardo is one of the stronger monsters, being able to overpower three Rangers at once.
  • Extraordinary Jumper: Bombardo can jump at incredible heights.


  • Left Arm Cannon: On Bombardo's left arm is a cannon, which can fire out strong cannonballs, he can also shoot two of them at once.
    • Lighting Beam: Bombardo can also fire light pink-es, purple-es colored lighting beams from his left arm cannon.
  • Left Shoulder Cannon: On Bombardo's left shoulder is a cannon, for which it too can fire strong cannonballs.

Bombardo (Buzzsaw Form)

  • Strength: Having one of the Corona Aurora Jews, Bombardo is far stronger then before.


  • Buzzsaw: As this form applies, Bombardo now posses a large buzzsaw for which it can use in combat.

Behind The Scenes


  • Bombardo is voiced by an unknown actor, however, his voice sounds a lot like Kamdor's, but deeper.



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