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"I, the great Gasgale, will blow up everything!"
―Bomb Psyma Beast Gasgail's first words

Bomb Psyma Beast Gasgail (爆発弾サイマ獣ガスガイル Bakuhatsudan Saimajū Gasugairu, 3) is a Psyma Beast under Evil Spirit Princess Denus


Gasgail is sent out by Denus to cause chaos as well as to set up GoGoFive into a scenario where one of its members becomes hurt. When Nagare and Daimon pursue him, he hides into a room which he makes explode when GoYellow tries to approach him, leading to him becoming critically injured and to elder brother Matoi to throw Nagare off the team. With GoGoFive in disarray, Gasgail prepares for an even bigger attack while holding off the rest of the team until Daimon comes to the rescue with the Command Attacker to free his teammates. After he and Nagare regroup with the entire team, they hold off Gasgail, with GoRed and GoBlue ramming the Command Attacker into Gasgail before destroying him with the Life Bird. After Pierre revives him, he continues to attack but is easily bisected by the Victory Robo's Braver Sword, destroying him.


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Powers and Abilities


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Gasgail emits a gas that is highly explosive; its spart being enough to make buildings erupt into flames instantly. After consuming liquid petrol, he can become more explosive and utilize a ball-like bomb to attack others with. He can also curl up into a ball for attacking and use tendrils to capture and constrict opponents.

Behind the Scenes


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Concept Art


  • His name is a portmanteau of "gas" and "gale".


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