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"Yodo-on Bo-owling! (ヨド~ン ボウリ~ング! Yodo-on Bō-ōringu!)"
―Bomb Jamen's first words when taking down a large group of people.[src]

"Wrong! I am the unglamorous challenger, known by all as the refreshing Bomb Jamen! (ちがうわっ!おれうつくしくなきチャレンジャー!ひとんでさわやかバクダン邪面ジャメン Chigau wa'! Ore wa utsukushiku naki charenjā! Hito yonde sawayaka Bakudan Jamen!)"
―Bomb Jamen when confronted by the Kiramagers.[src]

"N...No way! (バ…バカな! Ba… Baka na!)"
―Bomb Jamen's final words before his death.[src]

Bomb Jamen (バクダン邪面 Bakudan Jamen) is a bomb-themed silver body Jamenshi of the Dark Empire Yodonheim.


Bomb Jamen's clones

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Powers and abilities

  • Smoke Breath: Bomb Jamen can produce smoke from his mouth.
    • Smokescreen: He can use the smoke he produces as cover, enabling him to escape without being followed.


  • Bomb Balls: He has a set of bomb balls for combat. If he gets a 10 pin strike, the ball will explode. The downside to this is that even if he hits all of the people in a group, the ball won't explode if the group has less than 10 people.


  • Height: 184 cm
  • Weight: 168 kg
  • Jamen: Bomb

Behind the Scenes



  • Bomb Jamen is: 
    • the first bomb-themed monster since Bomb Shadow from ToQger.
      • He is also the first bomb-themed monster to be modeled after an early version of a grenade (which often took the shape of an iron sphere with a matching cord sticking out of one end). This, in turn, would be the inspiration for the design of the many explosives used in western animation and comics of the 20th century.
    • The first Jamenshi to battle the Go Kiramagers.
    • The second Jamenshi to survive his debut episode and not have a Jamen Beast counterpart.
      • He is also the first Silver Body-type Jamenshi to hold this distinction
  • Bomb Jamen draws some parallels to Bowlingam from Zyuohger as both have attacks that involve bowling in some way (although Bowlingam was themed around bowling in general). Also, both characters were voiced by Subaru Kimura.
  • When Yodonna used her Duplication Ability to split Bomb Jamen into 5, the clones all had a number on their heads which draws some insperation from Debo Yanasanta and his brothers from Kyoryuger.
    • Unlike the Yanasanta brothers though, the Bomb Jamen clones (Although being able to fuse back together after being duplicated by Yodonna.) are incapable of powering up via combining and require Yodonna's duplication ability to separate again.


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