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"I've made a decision! I won't commit any more crimes! That's the least I can do to atone! Don't drag me into this!"
―Bomb-Maker D.D. Ladis' first words[src]

Bomb-Maker D.D. Ladis (爆弾製造犯・D.D.ラデス, Bakudan Seizōhan Dī Dī Radesu, 1 & 32)


Known also as Prisoner #35272 (囚人 35272号, Shūjin Sanmangosennihyakunanajūni-Gō), was arrested for making bombs that he sold to the highest bidder, but he was completely unaware they were being used to kill people. Ladis was nevertheless labeled an accomplice for murder and was sentenced for 50 years in suspended animation, undergoing freeze-compression right before Don Dolnero.

Though thawed, Don Dolnero was going to kill Ladis for being useless until Gien implanted a receiver to make him as dangerous as a Hell's Gate Prisoner. Ladis manages to escape, with TimeGreen saving him from both his pursuers and TimeFire. Once the remote control's signal was improved, Ladis was forced on the Timerangers before enlarging himself. While the others piloted TimeRobo Shadow Alpha, TimeGreen used the Assault Vector to blast the controller off of Ladis. With TimeFire fighting Gien off before calling V-Rex to hold Ladis, TimeGreen fired the shot that freed Ladis while Shadow Alpha re-froze him.


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Behind the Scenes


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  • His motif is the one of a jellyfish and a squid.

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