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Boma Castle (暴魔城 Boma-Jō) is the headquarters of the Hundred Boma Tribes; it takes the appearance of what seems to be a gigantic golden demonic statue that floats through the sky. The interior has multiple rooms for usage by the Boma, most prominently a massive throne room where Great Boma Emperor Lagorn typically resides both in his massive demonic form and later when he finally changes into his more compact "Neo-Lagorn" form near the end.

20,000 years prior, the castle was sealed away by Saint Beast Lakia, who remained on Earth and use his own power in conjunction with the seals of the fairies to keep the Boma at bay. However due to the weakening of the seals by human pollution and lack of belief in fairies, all Boma seals became weakened to the point that their members began to remove them and revive. When several of the Boma elite returned, Lakia tried to prevent them from removing his own seal, but his own weakened state and the strength of the returning Boma were enough to stop him and remove the final seal of the castle, allowing for it and the Boma Leader, Great Boma Emperor Lagorn, to become released into modern times.Ep. 2: Did You Guys See a Fairy!?Ep. 3: Boma Castle! The 20,000-Year Curse

While mainly under the control of Lagorn and the main Boma forces throughout the season, it ultimately becomes associated as well with the Wandering Boma as they start to emerge as a major force within the Boma Tribes. After Yamimaru and Kirika become accepted by Lagorn into his forces, they as well as their steed Dragras come to reside here as well.Ep. 32: The Big Demonic Mystery Bird! However the ambitions of eliminating Lagorn and taking over the Boma remain primary for the duo even after becoming accepted and Boma Castle becomes a key battleground for their ideas. When they finally make their move, they transport Red Turbo to the castle and make him and Lagorn fight while stealing a control crystal to force the castle to crash into the Turborangers' main base, the Turbobuilder in order to destroy both of their main threats simultaneously! After Red Turbo and the Turboranger appear to defeat Lagorn, the castle is stopped from its trajectory, while the Wandering Boma make it their headquarters.Ep. 39: The End of Lagorn Ultimately when Lagorn is revived as Neo-Lagorn, he retakes the castle as his own as he retakes the Boma leadership.Ep. 46: Lagorn's Counterattack

During the final phase of the Boma's battle with the Turboranger, the teen heroes storm the castle in order to prevent Neo-Lagorn from releasing the Great Seal hidden beneath the land that the Turbobuilder was build upon, where the 108 Boma Beast Pack lay hidden and waiting to rampage throughout Earth. With the unexpected help of Yamimaru, the Turboranger expel Neo-Lagorn from his own castle and defeat him, but the emperor as a failsafe forces Boma Castle to plummet towards Turbobuilder, with the possible force that would both destroy the base and release the Great Seal. Trying to repent for all he had done, Yamimaru tries to destroy Boma Castle from the inside in order to stop it, but the Turborangers, Kirika and even Ms. Yamaguchi plead at him to not sacrifice his life for this sake. Kirika ultimately pulls Yamimaru out of the castle through the spiritual thread binding them, allowing for Super Turbobuilder to finally destroy the castle and bring a final end to the Boma threat.Final Ep.: Graduation of Youth

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