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Prisoner #8215, Bodyguard Hydrid.

Arrested for being a mafia bodyguard. A super-fast tri-eyed samurai-ish alien, he was released by Don Dolnero to aid him in his distribution of the PowerSplit Drink, an alcohol from the 30th century that could severally intoxicate humans, with aliens being unaffected by it. Being immune to the effects of the alcohol, Sion was forced to fight Hydrid single-handedly with the Accel-Stop function on his ChronoSuit, destroying the Power-Split supply in the process. Hydrid enlarged himself before the Voltech Bazooka could be used on him. With Sion handling the control systems, Shadow Alpha brought Hydrid into custody.Case File 21: Sion's Style

Hydrid is one of multiple Londerz Prisoners dreamed by Sion to have been revived to make Activist of Spirit Glokun's movie depicting the end of the Timerangers.Case File 38: Good Night

  • His motif is the one of a Samurai and a Bee Stinger
  • Depression Seals Location: Back of the left hand

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