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Bo Gardan (ボー・ガルダン Bō Garudan) is the second in command of the Alien Hunters, stated as being "Cowler's Right Hand".

Character History

Gardan came to Earth late in Mess' campaign but at a crucial moment for Sir Cowler, just as Great Doctor Lee Keflen began to sacrifice his other Alien Hunters into becoming tools for completing the invasion for master Great Emperor Ra Deus. Cowler saw Gardan as his support and Gardan wished to assist in fighting all those who stood against them, whether they be Flashman or Mess. After Alien Hunter Gerao becomes eaten by Beast Warrior The Gitan, Cowler quits Mess and runs off with Gardan by his side.Ep. 43: Cowler's Treachery!

As the remaining Alien Hunters become taken by Keflen to become his first Deus Beast Warrior, Gardan assists Cowler on a new plan: the abduction of Flashman allyDoctor Tokimura, seeing his genius as useful and taking advantage of the inability of the Flashman to no longer even touch him due to the initial phases of the Anti-Flash Phenomenon. The intent with the scientist was to use him to build a new Gene Synthesizer in order to rip apart Ra Deus into his true form in antithesis to Keflen's own Gene Synthesizer which created Beast Warriors.Ep. 44: Deus Beast Warriors AppearEp. 45: Warriors! Leave the Earth


Lei Nefel and Gardess

Ultimately, it is Gardan himself who leads to Cowler's tragic fall. After Tokimura escapes, Gardan goes searching for him only to be abducted by Ley Nefel, who brings him directly to Keflen on Laboh.Ep. 47: Wanda! Death Cry Keflen mutates Gardan using his Gene Synthesizer into a new Deus Beast Warrior, The Gardess to attack and defeat the Flashman and his partner. After witnessing what was done to Gardan and being struck and wounded by him, Cowler abducts Sara and uses her to play the Tokimura Gene Synthesizer, both restoring sanity to Gardan's mind and destabilizing Ra Deus. With Gardan restored for the moment, both Alien Hunters storm Laboh and take out the Mess leader, revealing him as merely a mass of genetics. However over time, Gardan loses control of his mind and returns to his The Gardess form, where he continues to attack both his ally and the Flashman until the Flashman destroy him with Rolling Vulcan. Keflen tries to revive him with Kuragen, but The Gardess, and thus Gardan, was killed in combat with Flash King.Ep. 48: The End of Cowler!!


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