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Red Face Mask

Blushing Mask.

Blushing Mask (赤面仮面 Sekimen Kamen, 34) is the thirteenth of Black Cross Iron Man Mask General Temujin's Masked Monsters.

Character History

After an initial battle with the Gorengers at an EAGLE research base, Blushing Mask was set up as part of a scheme by Temujin to infiltrate EAGLE by becoming an android assistant for one of the Gorengers, brought within their confines and then using its information to give up secrets of Variblune to them. However after it was "won" by Daita in a lottery contest, the circuitry that was meant to be installed within fell to the ground and became defective, breaking its means of spywork. As such, Blushing Mask becomes "Android 0-gou" (written as "Android 00-gou" on the certificate), utilized to assist Oiwa in mundane tasks such as making curry, telling riddles and assisting in Gorengers schemes. As the Gorengers discover the potential that the android had, they tested it and discovered nothing wrong, allowing for the Kirenger to keep the being for himself and assist in his work.

However during a scheme where Daita and Android 0-gou do some collecting of scrap metal, Zolder spies manipulate Oiwa through shooting the android and using curry to lure him while they give him a new circuit for returning to his mission. Blushing Mask once again becomes a Black Cross warrior and fights the Gorengers, but Kirenger decides to use the YTC Radio to weaken it so he can remove the evil chip. However, before trying to restore Blushing Mask to a better status, Temujin slices its remaining circuitry with a knife, making it run out of control while still evil. The Gorengers use Gorenger Storm to summon a blue kabuki mask with razors in the eyes, the mask latches onto Blushing Mask until making him fall into nearby water where it explodes. Ep. 34: The Yellow Spy Battle! You Saw the Power of YTC

The incident with Blushing Mask was recalled by Akira when Daita Ooiwa brought in Aya Mizuki, a woman running from Black Cross who would turn out to be a cyborg agent, noting that Daita had a weakness of being too trusting. Ep. 36: The Fierce Crimson Charge! The Mobile Fortress Invincible Battleship


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Modus and Arsenal

Blushing Mask's main weapon is a backscratcher-like staff it can use for combat while equipping within it a smokescreen and machine gun on top of the scratcher position. Its face, being a circuit board, can likewise take in programming which it will obey once it is installed within; when on missions it uses a white mask-like visage to hide this circuitry.



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Behind the Scenes

  • Blushing Mask's association with masks may have to do with the term of "Red Face" (Akatsura), a term within kabuki involving a character who wears a red mask, signifying a villain. However the name it holds is read as "Sekimen", which translates into "Blushing".



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