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Blue Saber Saga is the third episode of Power Rangers Super Megaforce, the second season of Power Rangers Megaforce. This episode is the first to be written by a Power Rangers alumni, Jason Smith. It is also the debut of the the Legendary Mystic Dragon Zord and the Legendary Mystic Force Megazord. It acts as a pseudo-tribute to Power Rangers Mystic Force.


After being humiliated in battle by a master swordsman monster, Noah suffers a crisis of confidence and questions his worthiness as a Ranger.


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Legendary Ranger Modes

Ultimate Ranger Saber Strike

Ranger Keys for the Ultimate Final Strike

  • Super Megaforce Blue summons five Blue Ranger powers for his Ultimate Ranger Saber Strike:
  • Coincidentally, the 5 Blue Ranger Keys used in the Ultimate Ranger Saber Strike attack all control the element of water.
    • Also of coincidence, all male keys used are from Saban-produced seasons while both female keys are from Disney-produced seasons.
  • The first key he releases and the first attack is from Megaforce Blue and he finishes the attack with himself, Super Megaforce Blue.


  • The blue ranger-less S.P.D. and Jungle Fury changes in this episode were seen on the computer where Noah looked up footage of the Legendary Rangers in the previous episode.
  • While the Rangers are fighting the Bruisers, Emma still has her Super Mega Saber, even though she gave it to Noah to use.
    • A possible explanation for this is probably Emma borrowed Jake's Super Mega Saber.


  • This is the last appearance of
    • Super Megaforce Red Ranger's S.P.D. Red Ranger form.
    • Super Megaforce Yellow Ranger's S.P.D. Yellow Ranger form.
    • Super Megaforce Green Ranger's S.P.D. Green Ranger (default) form.
    • Super Megaforce Pink Ranger's S.P.D. Pink Ranger form.
  • This is the first time one of the Rangers morphs directly into Super Mega Mode without morphing into their basic Ranger form. (Noah Carver  and Emma Goodall were the first ones to do it in the episode).
  • This episode shows that Gosei has Ranger Keys of their normal Megaforce forms. However only the Blue Ranger key was ever shown on-screen, leaving the others to only assumptions.
  • Last season's third episode was also a Blue Ranger focus episode.
  • Although this episode can't be considered a Mystic Force tribute, Nic Sampson, the actor for Charlie Thorn /Yellow Mystic Ranger, voiced Skatana while the key for Madison Rocca (Blue Mystic Ranger) was used for the finisher and was the center key for the main Blue Keys. The Mystic Blue Ranger Key is also shown at the ending of the episode. Also, in a slight coincidence, the Super Mega Rangers receiving Legendary Mystic Dragon Zord happens in the third episode, which is the same equivalent Mystic Force episode where the Mystic Dragon Zord is first formed.

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