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Blue Ranger Gone Bad is the season finale of Season 2 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.


Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa concoct a scheme to kidnap the real Blue Ranger and make an evil one. Trouble begins when the kids notice Billy acting weird. Then, he renders the Rangers powerless when he takes their Morphers.


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  • In Billy and his evil clone's morphing sequence, the Morpher appeared to be open already as Billy yells "It's Morphin' Time!".
  • When the Tigerzord's sword strikes Vase Face, it's the Thunder Megazord's sword striking the monster.
  • Despite both Billys using the same morpher, both Blue Rangers were shown with morphers and power coins on their suits.
  • When the Rangers summon their blade blasters, they mistakenly call them "Power Blasters". Also, if one looks closely, the real Billy's blade blaster has "Power Rangers" on it while Rocky, Adam & The girls' say "Zyuranger".


  • Billy's morphing sequence for this episode is of a split screen for both him and his clone.

    Two Billys morph

  • The statue prop of Billy as the Gold Ranger was later used in David Yost's promo for the NOH8 campaign.
  • The concept of a Power Ranger's bad art class project being turned into a monster will also happen to Kat in Zeo's "Rangers of Two Worlds" with Impursonator.
  • Violet's statue of Billy as a gold Power Ranger is coincidental considering Billy was one of the red herrings (and arguably the most likely) as to the mystery of the Gold Zeo Ranger in Power Rangers Zeo.

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