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Blue Ranger Gone Bad is the season finale of Season 2 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.


Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa concoct a scheme to kidnap the real Blue Ranger and make an evil one. Trouble begins when the kids notice Billy acting weird. Then, he renders the Rangers powerless when he takes their Morphers.


An art class is in progress at Angel Grove High. Tommy and Kimberly are finding it difficult but Billy shows them and Adam a hologram disc he has created. Another girl, Violet, is also impressed: She has made a statue of Billy for her project. Nearby, Bulk and Skull show teacher Mrs. Binks their rather feeble attempt to create a statue of the Power Rangers: They hope that the Rangers will turn up to thank them, so they can unmask them.

After everyone has left the class, Goldar and Squatt teleport in. Observing from his moon base, Lord Zedd starts an incantation but Rita gets bored and snatches the staff from him, using it to turn the statue into an evil Billy. Goldar notes the plan is to replace the real Billy with him and put Billy to sleep.

Kimberly and Adam encourage Billy to ask Violet out while Tommy laments the vase he has created for art class, wondering if he could pretend it's an alien head. A group of putties teleport in and, under the cover of the ensuing battle, Billy is dragged off by vines and transported to Zedd's dark dimension. He is held in place by a beam and Goldar and Squatt take his communicator and backpack, handing them to his clone: The plan is for him to take the Rangers' communicators and Power Morphers, cutting them off from Zordon. Goldar also reveals the fog enveloping Billy will send him to sleep forever.

The fake Billy joins Tommy, Kimberly and Adam. They are slightly bemused that he now shows no interest in seeing Violent and wants to pump weights. At the juice bar, they, Rocky, Aisha and Ernie watch Billy weight lifting with bemusement. The fake Billy ignores Violet when she talks to him, then asks the Rangers for their communicators, saying he needs to adjust them (and giving a complex scientific reason why). Tommy cautiously hangs on to his. The fake Billy surreptitiously takes everyone's Power Morphers as well.

As the group are walking, Aisha asks Evil Billy about his hologram disc which he says he doesn't have. Tommy hangs back and calls Zordon, who confirms he didn't tell Billy to adjust the communicators. He and Alpha start scanning for Billy's life signs. Tommy fills in Kimberly and she tries to get her communicator back but then Goldar and the putties return and the fake Billy moves to side with them. Goldar mocks the fact the Rangers can't morph and they fight him and the putties without doing so. Kimberly grabs Billy's bag but is surrounded by putties. She tries to throw it to Tommy but it gets stuck up a tree.

Billy remembers the hologram disc and uses it to reflect the beam back at its projector, shorting it out. Rita calls a sleeping Zedd to join her and Finster on the balcony, since the Rangers are winning anyway. She tries to grab Zedd's staff again but he holds onto it and transforms Tommy's vase to a monster, Vase Face. Zordon and Alpha detect Billy and transport him to the park, where he finds his double retrieving the bag. Billy grabs it off him and, after taking his own Power Morpher, throws the bag to Tommy, who hands the others out. Billy and his clone scuffle and both morph. The other Rangers wonder which is which. Kimberly holds up the hologram disc, dropped in the fight, and asks what it is. One Billy thinks it's a mirror and Kimberly calls him the fake. The other Rangers morph and Billy leads them in destroying the fake with their blasters.

Zedd grows Vase Face to giant size and the Rangers summon the Thunderzords. The Thunder Megazord and White Tigerzord battle Vase Face, who the Thunder Megazord finishes off with the Thunder Sabre.

Later, back in art class, Billy apologizes to Violet for "his" earlier behavior and they arrange a date. Everyone presents their projects. Kimberly has done a painting of herself and her friends. Bulk and Skull reveal they commissioned Violet to do the statue for them, only to find out she has done a statue of Billy garbed as a Gold Ranger. She explains she chose someone who showed the qualities of a Power Ranger. Bulk and Skull scoff at the idea of Billy being a Power Ranger, to the amusement of his friends.



  • In Billy and his evil clone's morphing sequence, a Power Morpher appeared to be open already as Billy yells "It's Morphin' Time!".
  • When the White Tigerzord's sword strikes Vase Face, it is the Thunder Megazord's sword striking the monster.
  • Despite Billy and his clone morphing with the same Power Morpher, both Blue Rangers were shown with their own Power Morphers and Power Coins on their suits.
  • When the Rangers summon their Blade Blasters, they mistakenly call them "Power Blasters". Also, if one looks closely, the real Billy's Blade Blaster has "Power Rangers" on it while the other Rangers' Blade Blasters say "Zyuranger".
  • In the scene where Rita yells at Zedd to wake up and watch the battle, Rita is seen holding her wand and a part of her is seen, however when Zedd arrives at the balcony with her, Rita no longer has her magic wand and try to remove Zedd's wand to create a monster that will intervene in the battle.


  • Billy's morphing sequence for this episode is of a split screen for both him and his clone.

    Billy and his clone morph

  • The statue prop of Billy as a Gold Ranger was later used in David Yost's promo for the NOH8 campaign.
  • The concept of a Power Ranger's bad art class project being turned into a monster will also happen to Kat in Zeo's Rangers of Two Worlds with Impursonator.
  • Violet's statue of Billy as a Gold Power Ranger is coincidental considering Billy was one of the red herrings as to the mystery of the Gold Zeo Ranger in Power Rangers Zeo.
  • This episode originally aired on a theme week called "True Blue Week" that aired a week of episodes that focused on Billy.
  • This is the last episode to have the Z Putty Patrollers combatting the rangers.

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