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"I'm after you, Blue!"
―The Blue Mutant Ranger's roll call.[src]

The Blue Mutant Ranger was the Blue Ranger of the Mutant Rangers and Billy Cranston's evil counterpart.


The Blue Mutant Ranger was once one of Putties, but then Rita choosed him as one of her Mutant Rangers, led by Commander Crayfish. Rita planned to extinguish the Power Rangers by using their evil reflections. The Mutant Rangers used the Badges of Darkness to transform into their Ranger Forms. Then Rita sent them to Earth. They were met at the shoreline by Crayfish who assumed command and prepared to attack Angel Grove. Sometime later, the Power Rangers were sent to the shoreline by Zordon to prevent them from invading Angel Grove but the team was unfazed and Crayfish led the morph. He flipped into action with his Mutant Power Lance, a corrupted version of Jason's Power Lance. Unfortunately for the Evil Rangers, the Power Rangers had upgraded versions of their regular Power Weapons and were able to deliver a complete thrashing to their counterparts. In desperation, the Mutant Rangers formed the Mutant Blaster whilst the Power Rangers formed their Power Blaster. In a Blaster vs. Blaster fight, the new weapons proved too much for Crayfish and the Mutant Rangers, outright destroying the Yellow Mutant Ranger & Pink Mutant Ranger immediately and knocking out the other four.

Rita then made Commander Crayfish and the male Mutant Rangers grow so the Rangers formed the Megazord and called upon the Dragonzord. Commander Crayfish fought the Megazord whilst the Black, Blue, and Green Mutant Rangers all took on the Dragonzord. However, all four were completely useless and were knocked down so they formed a pyramid with Crayfish on top. Blue and Black kicked back the Zords before Crayfish had Green blast them with his Pyro Blast. Unfortunately for them, the real Power Rangers formed the Ultrazord which scared the Commander Crayfish and he told his teammates to back him off. However, they were far two slow so the Ultrazord opened fire and mowed down all five which made all five fall into a large pile and explode.


The Blue Mutant Ranger was shown to be arrogant and boastful and talked with the voice of Billy, but he lacks his noble and heroic personality. He also proved to have rivalry with Billy, the real Blue Ranger, and even threatened to destroy him.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: The Blue Mutant Ranger was demonstrated to be a capable combatant, and was even able to match Billy in the clash.
  • Skilled Fighter: The Blue Mutant Ranger was shown as a capable fighter and combatant and possessed a big deal of strength to fight Billy.


  • Mutant Power Lance-The Blue Mutant Ranger wielded a large black version of Billy's Power Lance in battle.

Behind The Scenes


  • The Blue Mutant Ranger was voiced by David Yost, who also portrayed Billy, the real Blue Ranger.
    • However, he only spoke a single line (the one from his roll call).


  • The Blue Mutant Ranger, along with Commander Crayfish, Black Mutant Ranger & Green Mutant Ranger are the last monsters to be destroyed by the Ultrazord. 


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