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Blue Globbor's creation.

The Blue Globbor (usually referred to as just "Globbor") is the first monster used by Master Vile and serves as the secondary antagonist of the three part episode "Master Vile and the Metallic Armor."


Master Vile created Blue Globbor by spitting up a green egg that hatched into Globbor. He was a monster that drains energy and tasked with the mission of recapturing Ninjor who had escaped after Rito foolishly broke open. Globbor arrived whilst Ninjor and the Rangers took on the newly empowered Tenga Warriors and grabbed onto Ninjor, sapping him of his power. To try and counter this surprise attack, Ninjor made himself grow but Globbor did the same and teleported himself and Ninjor away into the Space Skull where Vile has Ninjor tied up. He then takes the powers of Ninjor and Vile sends him into Angel Grove to kill the Power Rangers. The Rangers appeared in thier Shogun Megazord but were forced to retreat into the Ninja Megazord after Globbor sucked the Shogun Megazord completely dry of it's powers. Globbor proved far too strong for the formation, easily taking it down and wiping the floor with the Rangers. However, Tommy and Kat (who had been on the Moon looking for the Zeo Crystal) eventually returned in the White Ninja Falconzord and blasted Globbor with lasers to stun him. The Falconzord then combined with the Ninja Megazord to form the Ninja Mega Falconzord. Blue Globbor was then swiftly destroyed by the Power Punch. However, much to the Rangers' surprise, Globbor survived the blow as he arose from the flames and continued the assault on the Rangers. At one point, he was able to keep the Rangers from attacking him, since Master Vile had established a connection between Blue Globbor and Ninjor, so that each blow against Globbor would injure Ninjor. He then used his absorbed energy to become an upgraded form heavily resembling Ninjor and easily took down both Megazords and the Falconzord. Before he could finish them off, Vile teleported them to another world. Globbor then shrunk down and proved too much for the Rangers, although they did manage to destroy his energy draining suction cups, and they were forced to retreat. Although Globbor was ready to destroy the city, Vile forced Globbor to retreat so that he could celebrate his upcoming victory prematurely. After the Rangers retrieved the Zeo Crystal and Zords, Globbor was sent to destroy Angel Grove and he emerged in the city at which point the three Zords confronted him. Globbor continued decimating the Zords and eventually evolved into his third and most powerful form. This final form, Ranger Globbor, easily decimated the Zord but did not last long since he was badly weakened when Alpha reversed Master Vile's eclipse spell (the source of his power) over the city and the Shogun Megazord hit him with a fiery boomerang. The weakening of Globbor enabled Ninjor to regain his strength and break free at which point Vile grew and Ninjor grew into Battle Mode. After the Falconzord blasted Vile and Globbor, the latter charged and tried to kill Ninjor but was overpowered and punted into a trap on all sides. With his back literally against the Megazords and no hope of escape, Globbor was crippled by the Fire Saber and finished off once and for all by Ninjor's energy ball. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Master Vile and the Metallic Armor

Blue Globbor was seen as an audience member in Prince Gasket's Machine Arena.Tvicon.png TV STORY-King for a Day

Blue Globbor was seen with Master Vile when they and the other United Alliance of Evil meet with Dark Specter on Cimmerian Planet.Tvicon.png TV STORY-From Out of Nowhere

Blue Globbor was seen with Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd's army.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Countdown to Destruction


MMPR Blue Globbor.jpg
Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: Globbor has horrendous amounts of strength, knocking the Ninja Megazord back with a single punch to the upper chest as well as hold Ninjor in place to drain his energy and even keep a grip on him once he grew before he grew himself.
  • Durability: Globbor has an amazing amount of durability to the point that the Ninja MegaFalconzord finisher and his subsequent explosion just needed some encouragement from Master Ville to recover from.
  • Acid Spit: Globbor can spew black goo out of his mouth that sticks to his enemies and can apparently burn them.
  • Self Growth: Blue Globbor can seemingly summon Rita and Zedd's lightning cloud to make himself grow since the viewers didn't see them combine their staffs. He did this when Ninjor grew to try and escape his grip.
    • Shrinking: Blue Globbor can shrink from giant to human sized just by glowing with blue energy, as seen when he did this after stealing the Zords.


  • Suction Cup Fingers: Globbor has suction cup fingers that he can use as weapons.
    • Reformation: Blue Globbor was able to reform his suction gloves early in the battle where he captured the Zords despite them earlier having been vaporized by the Metallic Armor.
    • Energy Drain: By clasping his suction cup fingers to his enemies, he can drain enemies of their energy, making them far easier to capture. This was powerful enough to drain Ninjor and even drain the Shogun Megazord from quite a distance away. These hand coverings were eventually destroyed by the blasts from the Metallic Armor.

MMPR Blue Globbor Ninjor.jpg
Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: Even in comparison to his last form, Globbor was now extremely stronger than before.
  • Durability: Even in comparison to his last form, Globbor was now extremely durable than before.
  • Teleportation: Globbor can teleport himself out of battle at will.
    • Mass Teleportation: After blasting the Megazords and the Falconzord, he was able to teleport them away with him.
  • Synchronization: While using his power, Ninjor is linked to Globbor, allowing any attack it receives to be felt by Ninjor as well.


  • Katana: In this new form, Globbor wields a big katana to aid him in battle.
  • Suction Cup Fingers: Blue Globbor retains his suction cup fingers for combat.
    • Energy Drain: Blue Globbor can drain his opponents' energies with his suction cup fingers like before in his original form.

MMPR Blue Globbor Ranger.jpg
Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: In his ultimate Ranger power infused form, he is more physically stronger than before.
  • Durability: In his ultimate form, Blue Globbor is more durable to the point of achieving invulnerability with the only way to efficiently destroy him is by severing his connection to Ninjor and forcing him back into his original form.


  • Katana: Blue Globbor retains his katana in this form to aid him in combat.
    • Lightning Projection: Globbor can project blue lightning from the tip of his sword. This was his strongest attack (although only performed once) as one blast was able to knock the Ninja Megazord, Shogun Megazord and Falconzord out of commission which enabled Master Vile to capture them.
  • Crossbow: In his Ranger form, Globbor gains a crossbow that can project very powerful blue energy blasts from it.


  • Despite their iconic nature, Globbor's enhanced forms are never actually named in the series itself and are merely fanmade names to differentiate them from one another.
  • When the Blue Globbor enters his third form, the faces on his head resemble the helmets of four of the yet to be seen Aquitar Rangers (Specifically, the White, Yellow, Blue, and Black Aquitar Rangers).
    • This was because his counterpart absorbed the energy of the newly captured Kakurangers and Ninjaman/Ninjor into him which granted him his ultimate form (whereas here he grabs it through just absorbing enough of Ninjor's power).
  • Back in early 2003, shortly after the series changed hands from Saban Entertainment to Disney, some of the monster costumes, including Globbor, were auctioned off by ABC Auctions. It sold for $213.50.

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