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"(mockingly) I'm so scared!"
―Blue Face's final words before his death[src]

Blue Face is a mantis-themed monster who serves as the primary villain of the pilot episode of Power Rangers Ninja Storm "Prelude to a Storm".

Character History

Blue Face was sent to Earth by Lothor with an army of Kelzaks to capture the three remainder of the Wind Ninja Academy students. He is intercepted by the Wind Rangers who morped into the Wind Power Rangers for the first time, he sent the Kelzaks to go after the Rangers, after the Wind Rangers defeated all of the Kelzaks, he faced the Rangers himself and had the upper hand until the Rangers used their Ninja Gliders for the first time, Shane then grab Blue face and dropped him into the ground, after being slash by the Wind Ranger's Ninja Swords, shocked waved by the Yellow Ranger's Lion Hammer, levitated by the Blue Ranger's Sonic Fin and toasted by the Red Ranger's Hawk Blaster, he get destroyed by the Storm Striker's blaster attack.Prelude to a Storm

Blue Face was later seen in the alternate dimension.The Wild Wipeout.

Blue Face is among the monster that emerge from the Abyss of Evil when Lothor opens it.Storm Before the Calm


Blue Face is very calm and always confident in his abilities while in battle.

Powers and Abilities

  • Energy Pellet Blast: Blue Face will clamp both of his fist together, and from his face he can fire a barrage of red energy pellets at his enemies.


  • Mantis Scythe: While he never used it in the actuate battle, Blue Face is shown to be armed with a huge scythe for combat.

Behind the Scenes



  • Blue Face is the first monster/villain to be faced by the Ninja Storm Power Rangers.
  • Blue Faced is the first monster to be destroyed by the Storm Striker's Blaster attack.
  • Blue Face is shown to be afraid of heights. (Another monster was similar as Jupitor in Dino Thunder.)
  • Blue Face's name was seen in the credits.
  • Blue Face is also one of the few Ninja Storm monsters not to have grown to giant size.
  • Blue Faced is the first monster of the Disney Era of Power Rangers.

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