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"What are my orders master? I am ready!"
―Blue-Head Krybot[src]

The Blue-Head Krybots are the elite robotic foot soldiers of the Troobian Empire, servants of Emperor Gruumm. The Emperor's personal guard, and while less common than the normal Krybots, they are smarter and more powerful. This Krybot usually has an army of normal Krybots at its disposal, the first one appears as the primary villain of the two-part premiere episode of Power Rangers S.P.D., "Beginnings".

They were all destroyed in "Endings", Part 2 during their raid on the Delta Base along with the Orange-Heads and standard Krybots.


They are known to carry an x-blade weapon. Like their names suggests, they have blue breastplates and heads. The Blue Krybots also wield blades that can also shoot energy lasers, and sometimes swords. They are summoned from spherical devices that resemble their heads. Blue-Heads are capable of jumping at extremely fast speeds and high reaches.

Blue-Heads typically lead an squad of several dozen standard Krybots. In larger Troobian forces, a larger amount of Blue-Heads fight alongside hundreds of standard Krybots, both types are led by Orange-Head Krybots. Should a Blue-Head fail the Emperor, he will destroy them, reducing them to a small metal broken spear, then turning another chip into a fresh new Blue-Head.

SPD Blue-Head Trio

A trio of Blue-Heads in a full scale invasion. (Endings)

In order for the Terror Spacecraft to travel through a wormhole to Earth, a Proton Accelerator was needed. Emperor Gruumm sent a Blue-Head to acquire one on Earth. It traveled to Earth where it hunted down an alien in possession of it, but not before the alien gave it to Jack Landors and Elizabeth Delgado, saying that the future of the planet depended on it.

Having not found it, the Blue-Head didn't know who had it. When Sky Tate, Bridge Carson and Syd Drew confronted Jack and Z to arrest them. As they prepared to contain them, the Blue-Head interrupted them and summoned his army of Krybots. As Jack and Z fled, the Blue-Head ordered his cohort to attack the remaining trio. After a brief battle, the team morphed into the Blue, Green and Pink S.P.D. Rangers. The tables turned in favor of the Rangers but turned back again when the Blue-Head dazed them with a laser blast. As the Krybots moved in, Jack and Z arrived and knocked out the Blue-Head. The Rangers then destroyed the Krybot army, the Blue-Head retreated back as what he was looking for wasn't there.

He went back to the Terror Spacecraft where he announced his failure to the furious Emperor Gruumm. He levitated the Krybot up, saying that as he brought him back nothing, he would be turned into nothing. Gruumm reduced him to a tiny metal chip, and then turned the chip into a fresh new Blue-Head, ready for orders.

He went to Earth and confronted the Rangers, now joined by Z, the Yellow Ranger. They fought him 4 on 1, despite being outnumbered, he fought well against them. Eventually, he summoned an army of Krybots to turn the tide. Surrounded, the four Rangers were saved by Jack, who completed the team by morphing into the Red Ranger. Once the Krybots were dealt with, Jack destroyed the Blue-Head with the Delta Blasters. Tvicon TV STORY-Beginnings

During the two full scale invasions of Earth, many Blue-Heads fought alongside hundreds of standard Krybots and several Orange-Heads. They first served under Broodwing's command, laying siege to the Delta Base and fighting the S.P.D. cadets. After Broodwing was defeated, the Krybots fought in Omni's invasion of Earth. Omni was soon destroyed and Gruumm was arrested. Tvicon TV STORY-Endings


Unlike the Krybots previously, the Blue-Head Krybots posses speech capabilities, they are shown to be respective to Empire Gruumm.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Power: Being elite versions of regular Krybots, the Blue-Headed Krybots posses far greater power in their overall strength and firepower.


  • Strength: The Blue-Headed Krybots posses a great deal of strength.
  • Expert Hand-To-Hand Combat: When compare to the Krybots previously, the Blue-Head Krybots are more expert fighters, in the two-part pilot episode "Beginnings", the Blue-Head Krybot was able to avoid all four of the S.P.D. Rangers attacks all the while being able to strike at them
  • Armor: Unlike regular Krybots previously, the Blue-Head Krybots posses thicker armor that makes them more durable.
  • Extraordinary Leaper: Like the Krybots previously, the Blue-Head Krybots can leap at an incredible distance.
  • Extraordinary Jumper: The Blue-Head Krybots can jump at incredible heights.
  • Skilled Driver: The Blue-Head Krybots can drive large robots with ease.


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  • Swords: Like Krybots previously, the Blue-Head Krybots carry swords which can also aid them in combat.
  • Left Arm Mounted Blade: Like Krybots previously, the Blue-Head Krybot posses a mounted blade on their left arms, except their larger and have a dish at the tip.
    • Energy Lasers: Like regular Krybots previously, the Blue-Head Krybots can fire energy lasers from their blades, tho their energy lasers are colored blue and are stronger.
    • Energy Blasts: The Blue-Head Krybots can fire light blue colored energy blats from their blades.
    • Energy Laser Blast: The Blue-Head Krybots can also fire blue colored energy laser blasts, it is stronger then an Energy Laser and can also cover a great area, in the two-part pilot episode "Beginnings", one laser blast from the Blue-Head Krybot is strong enough to take out three S.P.D. Power Rangers.
  • Krybot Chips: The Blue-Head Krybot carries small metal spears that when thrown, will summon an army of Krybots to aid them in battle.

Troobian Empire Robots[]

Behind the Scenes[]



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  • The Blue-Head Krybot that appears in the two-part pilot episode of Power Rangers S.P.D. ,"Beginnings", serves as the very first (and so-far only) Enemy Foot Soldiers in the Power Rangers series to serve as the First Villain-Of-The-Weeks in a Power Rangers show/series, most First Villains-Of-The-Week in Power Rangers previously were usually a monster (in the case with Staroid from Power Rangers Zeo, Ghouligan from Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, Turbine Org and Plug Org from Power Rangers Wild Force, and Blue Face from Power Rangers Ninja Storm) or a Villain (in the case with Goldar of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Elgar from Power Rangers Turbo, Astronema from Power Rangers In Space, Furio from Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, Ransik from Power Rangers Time Force, and Zeltrax from Power Rangers Dino Thunder).
  • On the Blue-Head Krybot action figure, the head comes off, revealing the face of a regular Krybot. The same feature is also with the Orange-Head Krybot action figure.
  • The Blue and Orange-Head Krybots are the second foot soldiers that are able to speak (not counting Cyclobots from Power Rangers Time Force or Quantrons from Power Rangers in Space , as they spoke, but not in understood English), the first being the Cogs from Power Rangers Zeo.
  • The Blue-Head Krybots appeared in 22 episodes.


Power Rangers Deck-Building Game[]

Blue Head Krybots appear in the Power Rangers Deck-Building Game. They are available in the "S.P.D. To The Rescue Pack" expansion.

Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid[]

Blue-Head Krybots appear in the board game Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid as an opponent in the "Merciless Minions #2" expansion. They are classified as Elite Foot Soldiers.

Power Rangers Roleplaying Game[]

Blue Head Krybots appear in the Power Rangers Roleplaying Game as a Threat in the "Across the Stars" expansion.

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