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Bloom of Doom is the sixth episode of the second season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.


It's Club Sign-Up Day at Angel Grove High School and Lord Zedd casts a spell that turns Kimberly against Trini who were already feuding over starting up a club. Zedd then sends down the Bloom of Doom, whose incendiary pollen can eat through even the Power Ranger suits.


A big crowd from Angel Grove High School is at the Youth Center where students have set up booths for various clubs, including Zack with a hip-hop kido club, Billy with a science club, and Bulk & Skull, who've formed an unsolved mysteries club to get others involved in learning the true identities of the Power Rangers, although the duo had to bribe their members with free food. Trini's booth appears to be the biggest hit as a mob gathers around to sign up for her volleyball club, while no one seems interested in Kimberly's plant club. Kimberly notices how successful Trini is and can't help but feel a pang of jealousy. Lord Zedd is watching and decides to take advantage of Kimberly's jealousy with an enchanted cactus. Once it pricks Kimberly's finger, her feelings of jealousy towards Trini will intensify.

While a disappointed Kimberly is away from her booth, a Putty disguised as a human steals her cactus and replaces it with Zedd's enchanted one. When Kimberly comes back to the booth she pricks her finger on the cactus. As Lord Zedd had planned, Kimberly's feelings of jealousy have intensified. Kimberly walks over to Trini's booth and accuses her of hogging all the students. Trini tells Kimberly that it's not her fault. The other Rangers are puzzled by Kimberly's behavior including Tommy who tries to give her a flower that Ernie suggested might make her feel better. Kimberly doesn't accept the flower and gets mad at him as well.

Later, Trini is ending her volleyball club activities when Tommy and Jason walk over to ask Trini what happened between her and Kimberly. Trini tells them that Kimberly got upset with her over the clubs. Bulk & Skull and their club walk by and try to record the group's voices though they are convinced the teens couldn't possibly be the Power Rangers. Meanwhile, Kimberly is sitting in a flower garden wondering why she is even bothering with it. Lord Zedd thinks its the perfect time to send a monster, the Bloom of Doom, which he has created from Kim's cactus. Zordon becomes aware of what Lord Zedd is doing and tells Alpha 5 to contact the Rangers and let them know. First they contact Jason, Trini and Tommy, who is ready to fight. When Trini objects and asks Tommy about conserving his powers, Zordon reminds her that Tommy understands the danger and that the decision to join them must be his to which he insists on joining. Alpha then contacts Zack & Billy. Kimberly is the last one to be contacted. After impatiently listening to the message, Alpha sends her a weapon to use against the monster. The Rangers morph into battle, battling several Putties and Bloom of Doom. The monster then unleashes her fiery pollen, trapping the boys. Kimberly uses her Ribbon weapon on the monster, tying her up. Trini then uses her Blade Blaster in Blade mode and slashes the monster but accidently cuts the Ribbon. When she tries to stab the monster, it disappears. Kimberly lashes out at Trini again before the monster reappears. Kimberly tries to snare her with the ribbon weapon however this time Bloom of Doom is ready and avoids it before transporting Kim to another dimension.

While in the other dimension, Kimberly struggles against the Bloom of Doom. After learning of Zedd's plan to make Kimberly jealous of Trini, the Rangers come up with a plan of their own to get Kimberly back. Trini uses her Power Daggers to break through to the other dimension and free her friend from it and break the spell. The girls then reaffirm their friendship and attack the monster before the boys return. They then form the Power Blaster and destroy Bloom of Doom.

Afterwards, they all return to the Youth Center. A group of girls interested in Kimberly's club is gathered around her booth. Mr. Caplan stops by and apologizes for publishing the wrong information in the school paper, which kept interested students from finding Kimberly's booth. Trini and Kimberly make amends for Kim's behavior under the influence of Zedd's spell. Bulk & Skull announce that they've recorded the Power Rangers' voices on tape, but in another stroke of bad luck for the pair, the tape jams and the recording is lost.




  • Although this episode involves Kimberly acting mean towards Trini (due to Lord Zedd's spell), it appears that the original Zyu2 footage was intended to have Trini acting without thinking when she attacked Bloom of Doom only to release her from the ribbon and ruining Kimberly's successful attack, leading to the latter being transported away.
  • The fight scenes between Kimberly, Trini, and the Bloom of Doom was originally one fight scene which is why the boys didn't aid her in saving Kimberly. This was cut up to waste time in the episode.
  • There was a lot of Zyu2 footage cut from the episode for various reasons.
    • A lot of glory shots showing off the Bloom of Doom costume. The likely reason this was cut was due to the suit already looking cheap and it looking even worse in close-ups.
      • Alternatively, they may have been cut out because they just show off two petals and a foot so were completely redundant.
    • The Bloom of Doom summoning the original Putty Patrollers which was cut for obvious reasons.
    • The Bloom of Doom had a Zord battle with the Megazord and Dragonzord, and debunks long-standing speculation that Lokar may have been involved in the fight which has since been debunked.
      • It was most likely cut due to the original Megazord being in most of the shots she was in.
  • Skull’s hat and jacket both appear to be what would reassemble an American Civil War outfit. He would later where them again in the next episode, Beauty and the Beast and White Light.
  • Jason and Tommy are the only Rangers who do not have a booth for a club, which makes sense considering they already teach a karate class.


  • When Tommy offers Kimberly the flowers while she's under Zedd's spell, she says she hates flowers but takes them anyway and then goes to work in a flower bed.
  • Kimberly looks at her communicator as if it tells time, one of many times the Rangers would make this mistake during the series.
  • Kimberly states that she "almost had him" when referring to Bloom of Doom, even though she and others and Kimberly used female pronouns for the monster in the remainder of the episode.
    • She would continue to do so through the episode.
  • During the Putty battle, the holster for Green Ranger's Dragon Dagger is white instead of black.
  • After Kimberly is captured, when the other Rangers imminently return to the Command Center, Trini is shown rubbing her eyes along with the rest of the Rangers from the pollen Bloom of Doom sprayed on them even though Trini appeared to avoid the pollen.
  • In the park when Bulk and Skull stop to record the voices of Jason, Trini, and Tommy, Skull's microphone changes from a silver one to a black one between shots.
  • The male Rangers don't arrive to help Kimberly and Trini until after they defeated the Bloom of Doom despite having no reason to go and help her.


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