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Gokai Change Griffon 49

Jake wielding the Blitz Blaster.

"Blitz Blaster!"
―Weapon announcement.[src]

The Blitz Blaster was a sidearm wielded by the Black Ranger of the Blitz Rangers, one of the "New Power" teams that had not been seen on the prime Earth before the invasion by the Armada. As such, the Blitz Blaster was part of the arsenal incorporated into the Legendary Ranger Key which was used by the Super Mega Rangers as a Legendary Ranger Mode.


Having assumed the Legendary Ranger Mode, the Black Ranger's Blitz Blaster was wielded by Super Megaforce Green, Jake Holling, during the confrontation against Levira. Engaging a single Royal Guard, Jake used the Blitz Blaster before performing the Griffin Magma Galaxy to defeat him. The Wrath

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Change Sword

The Change Swords are the sidearms of all five Rangers in Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman.


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