The episode starts with Dillon having nightmares about his past, including one about a girl in a lab, and an odd robot. However, an alarm sounds and the Rangers head off to fight the Gat Bot, which, after a long battle and defeat by Flynn, gets destroyed by the new RPM Enforcer and Zenith Megazord. Soon after, an unnamed, but water heater based Attack Bot is sighted in a forest. The Rangers rush off and, after some antics from Ziggy, they use the RPM Enforcer to obliterate it. Now, Venjix reveals that he is going to tire the Rangers out and then destroy them. To do this, he sends the Sat Bot, the one from Dillon's dreams, and an unnamed Attack Bot into the city.

Scott, Flynn, and Summer head to fight the unknown Attack Bot, while Dillon and Ziggy head to find Sat Bot. Dillon and Ziggy track him to the roof of a building, where he is trying to destroy the shield and Dillon learns about a little of his past. Sat Bot tells him that he is Subject D-44, and that all of Dillon's memories are stored inside of the Sat Bot's data. Dillon hesitates to attack Sat Bot after learning this and gets blasted off of the roof, where Ziggy saves him using his teleportation powers. Having defeated their Attack Bot, the others arrive and, as usual, Scott rushes in to destroy the Sat Bot, regardless of Dillon's memories.

As the fight goes on, Dr. K tries to power down Dillon, whom is letting Sat Bot get away, but she is overpowered as Dillon rushes to stop Scott. However, after a fight, Dillon decides to forget the past and, using the RPM Enforcer, they destroy the Sat Bot. However, upon getting back to the lab, Summer and Dillon learn that when the Sat Bot attacked Dillon, he activated a virus in his arm that would, eventually, take him over and turn him into an evil Attack Bot. And that there is no cure.

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