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"You're not the only one with a Megazord."
Blaze's Cockpit


Blaze's Megazord is a Megazord in Power Rangers Beast Morphers.

Character History

This Megazord was built by Scrozzle and piloted by Blaze's avatar when the Beast Morphers Rangers attacked the Cyber Dimension. Blaze used it to try to stop Devon Daniels and the Racer Zord from the destroying a stolen part of the Morph-X Tower Network. The two Zords ended up fighting inside the tower itself. Devon destroyed both the evil Megazord and the Blaze Avatar with the Racer Zord's Cheetah Hyper Strike. The resulting explosion set off a chain reaction inside the tower destroying it anyway. The tower's explosion also subsequently destroyed Evox's new body.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength-Blaze's Megazord is very strong, knocking back the Racer Zord with a single stab.
  • Flight-Blaze's Megazord has the ability to fly thanks to the rocket boosters under its wings.
  • Energy Blasts-Located directly behind the sword, Blaze's Megazord has a blaster that can fire red energy although it was easily deflected by the Racer Zord's Sabre.


  • Blade Arm-Blaze's Megazord has a massive red blade going up it's right arm to use in combat.


  • This Evil Zord is the only mecha adapted from Go-Busters to maintain being called a Megazord rather than a Gigadrone.
  • An original cockpit was created for this particular Megazord instead of reusing Go-Busters stock footage of the MegaZord Epsilon's counterpart due to the presence of Enter untransformed.


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