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"This isn't over"
―Blaze to Devon Daniels

Blaze is a member of the Grid Battleforce and was meant to be the Red Ranger, but when Evox put a virus into the system, it makes an evil clone of him. While the copy is still alive, he is put into a coma.

Character History

Blaze was a karate teacher at Riptide Gym, where he and Devon get into a fight. He was meant to be the Red Ranger, but as the morph was about to happen, Evox, a computer virus, made an evil copy of him and Roxy. While the avatars of him and Roxy are alive, he is put in a coma. Beasts Unleashed


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Behind the Scenes



  • Blaze shares strong similarities with Jarrod from Jungle Fury:
    • Both get into a confrontation with their eventual replacement in the first episode.
    • They were meant to be the leaders in their groups.
    • Both are turned into villains, albeit differently.
    • Both of their evil versions targeted the Red Rangers of their series.
    • They are both black belts.


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