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"This isn't over"
―Blaze to Devon Daniels[src]

"No way... They made robots of us?"
―Blaze regarding his and Roxy's evil robotic counterparts[src]

Blaze is a member of the Grid Battleforce and was meant to be the Red Ranger, but when Evox put a virus into the system, it makes an evil clone of him. While the copy was still alive, he was put into a coma, until the final battle.

A year later, Blaze becomes a stunt-double for Steel in a upcoming movie production, and takes appearance in Steel's role.

Character History

Blaze was a karate teacher at Riptide Gym, where he and Devon get into a fight. He was meant to be the Red Ranger, but as the morph was about to happen, Evox, a computer virus, made an evil copy of him and Roxy. While the avatars of him and Roxy are alive, he is put into a coma. Beasts Unleashed

Blaze is seen with Roxy, when Ravi comes to her. Digital Deception

Blaze is seen again when Ravi draws Roxy, before Smash surprises him. Gorilla Art

Blaze is seen when evil Roxy sabotages Roxy's pod, just before she along with evil Blaze steal the Mega-Teleporters. Rewriting History

As his avatar is still alive, Blaze remains in his coma whereas Roxy awakes when Ravi finally destroys her avatar. Target Tower

After his Avatar was destroyed by Devon during a Zord fight in a final battle between the Rangers and Evox’s army, Blaze finally awakens from his coma and comes to respect Devon, reconciling their rivalry. Evox Upgraded

Following the apparent destruction of Evox, Blaze retakes his job of karate teacher at Riptide Gym. He is now firm friends with Devon and the other Rangers. Believe It or Not

Blaze also joins Devon and his friends on cleaning the beach from the shipment spills. When he and Roxy are briefly trapped in the cage created by Trappertron, he is shocked to see Scrozzle using an unknown device to scan him and Roxy. Later, he and Roxy are informed about their robotic counterparts. Save Our Shores

Steel in Nate's body started his musical, Blaze and the others joined the club. The Silva Switch

Meanwhile at the Riptide Gym, Robo-Blaze appears and hands the Rangers one of Robo-Roxy's memory drives under the guise of the real Blaze finding it at the airport. Blaze won the trophy in his karate competition. Crunch Time

After the total destruction of Evox, Steel turned into human who went on the movie set before Blaze decided to take his place upon his duty calls. Evox Upgraded


Blaze is cocky, arrogant, and isn't above using the rules to his advantage, especially if it means throwing an intruder into a cell even if they have an important message, putting rivals in a bad position to retaliate. He originally had contempt for Devon Daniels, but respected him in the end, showing he truly is good at heart. Following his awakening, he has become a nicer person, and has since become a reliable ally.

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  • Blaze shares strong similarities with Jarrod from Jungle Fury:
    • Both get into a confrontation with their eventual replacement in the first episode.
    • They were meant to be the leaders in their groups.
    • Both are turned into villains, albeit differently.
    • Both of their evil versions targeted the Red Rangers of their series.
    • They are both black belts.
    • They are both saved from evil by the Ranger that replaced them, albeit differently.
  • Blaze also shares some similarities with Nada from Ryusoulger.
    • Both of their Seasons aired in 2019.
    • They were both were Red Ranger candidates, but got replaced and turned into Evil Rangers
    • They eventually turned good.


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