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Blast Buggy (ブラストバギー, Burasuto Bagī): Exclusive to the Dekaranger movie. One of the remaining DekaVehicles on Planet Leslie's DekaBase that was found and piloted by DekaBreak. Because the Blast Buggy is universal to all versions of the Dekaranger mecha in the galaxy, It can combine with earth branch's Dekaranger Robo to create Dekaranger Robo Full Blast Custom when the command "Special Investagation Armament!" (Tokusō Busō) is given. When combined it splits into the Blast Shield (which replaces Dekamachine Patsigner's signboard) and Blast Launcher (Double Barrel Gun), with the rear bumper forming a chest ornament for Dekaranger Robo.

Dekaranger Robo, Full Blast Custom

"Tokusō Busō! Dekaranger Robo, Full Blast Custom!"

With the command of Tokusou Armament the Dekaranger Robo can combine with the Blast Buggy which provides the Blast Shield and Blast Launcher (Double Barrel Gun) weapons. Its attacks are Spinning Blast, (planting the shield on the ground as Dekaranger Robo began to spin around and fire in all directions) and Full Blast finisher in Dekaranger Robo Full Blast Custom Final Mode (placing the launcher on the shield to fire a supercharged shot with the wheels on the shield began to spin rapidly charging up energy, then calling it the Full Blast Launcher).



  • Unlike other Sentai's special/movie mechas, which are rare or unique, this mecha unit was claimed to be very common in the galaxy, which is a universal unit of this particular mecha. That is why it can easily combine with Dekaranger Robo without any modification.
  • Blast Buggy is the only movie exclusive Sentai Mecha that does not use the same mold as an existing Mecha of the Sentai it appeared in.

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