This article is about a/an actor in Power Rangers Turbo, the third installment in the Zordon Era .

Blake Foster played the 12-year-old Justin Stewart in Power Rangers: Turbo.


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  • Like Samuell Benta, Ricardo Medina Jr., and (in some cases) Jason David Frank, Foster is widely held in contempt among Power Rangers fans. This is because of an incident in which he criticized Abraham Rodriguez via the former's Instagram story after the latter was at-the-time-recently revealed to be the Beast Morphers Gold Ranger. These criticisms accused Rodriguez of being unfit to fill the traditional sixth ranger role. This resulted in mixed reactions from fans, with Foster being called out by some fans and multiple other Power Rangers actors, notably David Fielding and Colby Strong, while other fans either supported Blake or simply did not care about the situation at all.
    • Foster later posted an apology, which was met with further backlash when comments he made moments later to an Instagram follower saying he didn’t mean the apology began to circulate. Foster then went on to post what was perceived by fans as threats to Cameron Jebo and insults to Colby Strong. Foster also posted a video in which he said he wasn’t a bully but could be if he wanted to before saying he never should have been cast as a Power Ranger.

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