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Blades of Three Kingdoms Leadership

  • Hazard Level: 120 (each)

Blades of Three Kingdoms Leadership (三国覇剣 Sangoku Haken): Three weapons forged by Koumei, the strategist during the Three Kingdoms era of China, said to give it's wielder the power to take down a thousand men and become the ruler of the world: Seiryuto katana, the Jabo naginata and the Sokoken. When not in weapon form, they appear as ordinary bamboo scrolls; but when unscrolled, they take form and can merge with others of the weapons to become more powerful. The three blades are sought after by the Dark Shadow Syndicate, with Shizuka of the Wind stealing two of them using her disguise abilities under the eye of the Boukengers. The third was formerly owned by a businessman who refused to give it up believing in it's status and in his own security until Souta Mogami reawakened his adventurer's spirit; this scroll was used alongside the GoGo Sword of the DaiBouken to defeat the other two fused swords used by Tsukumogami Jougami and re-obtained them for S.G.S. Task 3: The Champion's Blades

During his assault on the Precious Bank to obtain the Egg of Lemuria, Ryuuwon brings out two of the swords once again to fight against Satoru Akashi. Task 47: The Box of Despair

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