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"No, no, no! This is trash! Ugh! Huh, how about that?"
―Blacksmith Org's first words

A Org Spirit acquiring various blacksmith materials, Blacksmith Org raided Tsubakuro City for ideal metal to create tableware for Rasetsu. GaoWhite attempts to fight him, but she loses and he takes her Juuou Sword as its density was the perfect material. He also steals Juuou Swords of GaoYellow, GaoBlue, and GaoBlack with the Dukes' help. With Futaro's help, Sae managed to find the Org's hideout too late. Assuming fighting form, GaoWhite battles the Org until GaoRed and the others arrive. The Gaorangers managed to kill the Org with Hyakujuuken and then with GaoIcarus (after it overwhelmed GaoHunter Justice), restoring the Juuou Swords to normal.




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