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"Don't be too shocked. From now on, you're the leader of the Dragon Society."
―Blackmailing School Gang Leader Flan (disguise as a teacher)'s first words

"Teacher Matsujima"

Blackmailing School Gang Leader Flan (恐喝番長・フラン Kyōkatsu Banchō Furan, 17, 38): A gangster who was released by Lila to increase the Londerz's money supply. Assuming the guise of a teacher, he took over a school, conditioning stronger students to bully and extort the weaker students. One of those bullying students happened to be Makoto, who became Flan's new puppet. Tatsuya managed to talk Makoto out of Flan's scheme. After being beaten up by TimeRed, Flan enlarged. Brought in by TimeRobo after fighting all three of its formations.


concept art

  • Like some Londerz Family members names', Flan's name is a pun on Franc (Switzerland's current and France's former currency unit)
  • Depression Seals Location: Upper Left Jacket Sleeve Arm

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