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"If I get serious.....then this is no big deal!"
―Blackmailer Gaymark's first words[src]

"Like I'll let you freeze-compress me!"
―Blackmailer Gaymark's first words before enlarging himself[src]

Blackmailer Gaymark (恐喝犯・ゲーマルク Kyōkatsuhan Gēmaruku) is a Londerz Prisoner.


A master of blackmail who wields a laser whip as a weapon. He found a refugee Arcturusian, named Argo, and blackmailed him into using his teleportation powers to steal for the Londerz. When Sion intervened, Gaymark took Hayato prisoner to keep Argo under his thumb. In the end, Sion manage to save Hayato and defeat Gaymark before he was the brought in by TimeJet Gamma/TimeRobo Alpha. Around New Year's Eve, Gaymark managed to break out of his confinement capsule, thanks to the land lady, though he was still in miniature form. Once the Timerangers found out, Gaymark took TimeRobo as a hostage. He almost escaped, were it not for Domon's foot crushing him at the last second. The flattened Geymark was then put back into storage.


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Powers and Abilities


  • Enlarging: Like all other prisoners, Gaymark can enlarge himself by removing his Depression Seal.
  • Eye Laser: Gaymark can shoot powerful red lasers from his eyes.


  • Zenitts Summoning: Gaymark can summon Zenitts to aid him in battle.


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  • Electrical Laser Whip Baton: Gaymark carries a baton that can generate a laser whip of red electrical energy capable of grabbing opponents and swinging them around.
  • Claws: Even without weapons, Gaymark has long sharp claws for combat although he didn't use them.


Behind the scenes


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Concept Art


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