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Black Hole Generator

The Black Hole Generator under construction.

The Black Hole Generator (ブラックホール発生装置 Burakku Hōru Hassei Sōchi) is a device that was created by the BN Team Kyurangers Balance and Naga Ray to save the universe from the Planetium Bomb. A modified Seiza Blaster, the generator was built to utilize the power of the Black Hole Kyutama.


USK-Black Hole Kyutama

Black Hole Kyutama

The Black Hole Kyutama (ブラックホールキュータマ Burakkuhōru Kyūtama, lit. Black Hole Nine Ball) is a Kyutama that was used by Naga Ray when he was made to serve the Space Shogunate Jark Matter by Akyanba. As Hebitsukai Metal, the Black Hole Kyutama enabled him to perform the Metal Ophiuchus Crush (メタルオフューカスクラッシュ Metaru Ofyūkasu Kurasshu) finisher. The Kyutama was retained after Naga returned to the fold, and ultimately served as the vital component of the Black Hole Generator.


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