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Black Hair Mask

Black Hair Mask.

Black Hair Mask (黒髪仮面 Kuro Kami Kamen) is the third of Black Cross General Sun Halo Mask's Masked Monsters.

Character History

Black Hair Mask was Sun Halo Mask's partner for a plot to distribute the drug Z20 throughout Japan's water supply, drying up the rivers and making it as dry and barren as the driest deserts in Africa. Peggy and Kenji try to catch on but Black Hair Mask is used as a diversion while Sun Halo Mask tests the drug on a reservoir drying up all the water within. Upon further investigation by Yoko (007), the trio discover the duo making a base of the abandoned Oyama Amusement Park, which they investigate and become trapped within, ultimately sealed within a ferris wheel car before breaking open the windows and using their Birdies to fly themselves and Yoko to an awaiting Variblune.

As Sun Halo Mask and Black Hair Mask attempt escape, the other three Gorengers catch up and face them until Midorenger and Momorenger arrive. While facing them, Sun Halo Mask abandons Black Hair Mask while escaping for another plot. Black Hair Mask faces the Gorenger Storm but destroys it by firing the teeth of his comb at them. However when Kenji catches on to their ease of removal (after removing one earlier), he throws his Midomerang at the comb removing all remaining teeth and thus revealing Black Hair Mask's ultimate weakness: that he can't live if his comb has no teeth upon it! With his staff suddenly empty of teeth, Black Hair Mask merely falls to his death. Ep. 17: The Purple Theme Park! A Demonic Cemetery


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Modus and Arsenal

Black Hair Mask is notable for his long, black, unkempt hair which he can use as a prehensile weapon or to lock up doors to seal people within a place. He also has projectile teeth, has a fake set of chomping teeth, and a comb staff where its teeth can be removed and fired like projectiles. His entire existence is not determined by his body but by the teeth on the comb staff; he will only die if all of the teeth have been removed. He can also jump high into the air.



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Behind the Scenes

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