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The Black Gorlin (黒ゴルリン Kuro Gorurin) is a special-model Enlarging Beast Gorlin set up not to grow a being but used as an assisting partner by First Captain Chevalier for the Silver Imperial Army Zone

Character History

Following the destruction of Goriwashigin and with it the failure of Captain Garoa's last chance plot, Black Gorlin was sent forth to carry the disgraced captain back to the Vulgyre to meet the punishment handed to him by Galactic Empress Meadow. Ep. 33: Deadly Flip-turn

Chevalier summoned Black Gorlin to back up Samejigokugin in its fight against Fiverobo. However, it was quickly matched by the arrival of Star Five and took its leave once Samejigokugin was destroyed. Ep. 34: Can-Packed Humans


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Powers and Abilities


  • As a giant, the Black Gorlin uses its large size to its advantage to assist Chevalier in dealing with Fiveman and their mecha. It also has laser cannons on its shoulders and bears the Zone crest on its chest.

Behind the Scenes



Black Gorila was portrayed by an unidentified suit actor.


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