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"Hello Power Rangers. I've been looking forward to speaking through you for some time. Who wants to go first?"
―The Black Dragon's "first words" when he confronted the six Power Rangers after destroying the Command Center and destroying Alpha 5.[src]
"Two Zords, three Zords...It makes no difference. I'll break each of you and take them back for myself!"
―The Black Dragon when fighting all six Zords prior to its shutdown and its "final words" before its shutdown and subsequent destruction.

Black Dragon is a controlled Zord-like machine from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios)

Character History

The Green Chaos crystal that Rita Repulsa gave Scorpina became charged with green chaos energy it collected from fighting Tommy. When Tommy, Jason, and Zack started arguing at the Command Center, the crystal opened a portal (And blew up half the Center) allowing the Black Dragon to emerge in a gigantic size. He shrunk down and confronted the rangers, offering them a chance to surrender but they refused. He walked right through the rangers, seemingly trying to drain their powers every chance he got. Most of the rangers escaped Black Dragon in the pocket dimension but he manages to grab Billy and knock him out. When Rita and her forces arrive at the wreckage, Black Dragon uses Billy's power coin and the Green Chaos crystal to tap directly into the Morphin Grid and absorb Jason, Zack, Trini, and Kimberly's powers.

It was later destroyed when Billy and Tommy shut down its power core which seemingly killed them both when it exploded (apparently self-destructed by it's pilot). It soon turned out that the Black Dragon was a zord-like machine, reconstructed using parts from the Dragonzord, controlled by a new Mysterious Ranger from an alternate universe. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 9


MMPR Yellow Ranger Black Dragon Armor.jpg

Following Black Dragon's death, his husk was used by Trini as a suit of armor. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 16

In preparation for the last stand against Lord Drakkon, the Black Dragon armor was donned by Trini's counterpart from the World of the Coinless. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 30

Power Rangers Legacy Wars

Black Dragon as seen in Power Rangers Legacy Wars.

Black Dragon is among the villains who feature in Power Rangers Legacy Wars as an Epic (Leader), Epic (Assist) character,as mega Black Dragon is a Rare (Zord).

Powers and Abilities

  • Super Strength: The Black Dragon is supremely powerful, sending Tommy flying across the remains of the Command Centre simply by backhanding him and pick Jason up with one of his arms. When gigantic, it sent the Dragonzord flying into the Earth with a single uppercut and was able to fight off all six Zords with its bare hands.
    • Power Clap: The Black Dragon can clap its hands with so much force that it annihilated a cannon Tommy was using against it with one hit.
  • Durability: The Black Dragon withstood a Power Bow arrow to the centre of its forehead (fired by Kimberly to top the power draining beam) and a barrage of attacks from the Power Weapons without getting a scratch. Whilst fighting Tommy on the Moon, whilst giant, multiple shots to the face from one of Rita's own cannons had no effect and it took being slammed into by the entire Dragonzord just to rip off its right arm although it only momentarily stunned it.
  • Moving Armor: As mentioned by Goldar in Issue 9, the Black Dragon's armor "grows and overlaps in a way (he) has never seen before." This implies that it can move around the armor at will.
  • Super Speed: The Black Dragon was able to move so fast that he plucked Billy right out of the Ranger's teleportation bean.
  • Size Alteration: The Black Dragon can shift it's size from giant to human-sized at will.
  • Phasers: The Black Dragon can charge up the palm of its hand and fire a massive blue energy laser powerful enough to send Jason and Trini through a solid wall and, when the Green Power Coin empowered Rangers tried to get back their Zords, a single blast sent Tommy flying in a devastating boom.
  • Power Absorption: By shooting a massive blue laser from its mouth into the Green Chaos Crystal, the Black Dragon was able to strip everyone but Tommy of their powers.
  • Power Absorbing: The Black Dragon can drain a Ranger's powers out of them with its hand (as seen when they did this to Tommy).
  • Voice Projection: It was revealed that Lord Drakkon had been controlling it and likely speaking through it in Issue 9.
  • Energy Shockwave: The Black Dragon's most powerful attack where he can fire a massive blue energy wave from it's "mouth" which, judging by the accompanying dialogue, was supposed to be able to kill all six present Rangers. However, it was stopped by an arrow from Kimberly's Power Bow before it could do serious harm.


  • Fist: The Black Dragon has no weapons really but is extremely skilled when it comes to using its fist, being able to overwhelm the Zords with ease. He also has clawed hands with which it can hack and slash its foes.


  • Although it makes it's debut in Issue 4, it's name was not unveiled until the synopsis for Issue 7.
  • The Black Dragon bears resemblance to the Evas from the Japanese mecha anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion.
  • The Black Dragon is playable in Power Rangers Legacy Wars, as both a Megazord, and a normal character.