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*''to be added''
* The Ryutsueder resembles a combination of {{KR|Takeshi Asakura|Kamen Rider Ouja}}'s {{KR|Veno Visor}} as well as {{KR|Ren Akiyama|Kamen Rider Knight}}'s {{KR|Dark Visor}}. Fittingly, its ability of utilizing Kyutamas is similar to the Veno and Dark Visor's usage of Advent Cards.

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Ryutsueder (ガブガブ変身銃リュウツエダー Gabugabu Henshin Jū Ryūtsuedā, lit. Biting Transformation Gun Ryutsueder): The staff-like transformation device which doubles as a rifle. It is also capable of utilizing Kyutama.



"(Kyutama name) Kyutama!"
―Kyutama insertion announcement[src]

"Seiza Change!"
―Transformation stand by announcement[src]

To transform, Ryu Commander inserts a Kyutama, making the Changer announce the name of the Kyutama, then closes the dragon head, shouts Wish Upon a Star, then pulls the trigger of the staff to transform.[1]

Special Attack

"Seiza Attack!"
―Attack stand by announcement[src]

to be added


"Seiza Go!"
―Summoning stand by announcement[src]

"(voyager name) Voyager!"
―Summoning announcement[src]

After transforming, to summon the Voyagers, Ryu Commander opens and closes the dragon head, then pulls the trigger. Afterwards, he is wrapped around a giant Kyutama that becomes his cockpit.[1]


"Seiza Docking!"
―Combination stand by announcement for RyuTeiOh[src]

"Super Seiza Docking!"
―Combination stand by announcement for RyuTei KyurenOh[src]

To combine his and two other Voyagers into RyuTeiOh, Ryu Commander opens amd closes the dragon head once again to initiate the docking sequence. To combine the Voyagers into RyuTei KyurenOh, Ryu Commander opens and closes the dragon head four times to initiate the docking sequence.[1]

Finishing Strike

―Finisher stand by announcement[src]

"Super Galaxy!"
―RyuTeiOh Finisher stand by announcement[src]

To activate a finishing strike, Ryu Commander converts the Ryutsueder to Rifle Mode, then closes the dragon head on the Kyutama. He then pulls the trigger to initiate the attack.




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