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Bistrot Jurer (ビストロ・ジュレ Bisutoro Jure) is a French restaurant where the three Lupinrangers work part-time. It also serves as their base of operations for when the restaurant is closed.



Bistrot Jurer

After GoodStriker defected from the Patrangers to the Lupinrangers, the three Tactical Unit officers entered the Bistrot Jurer apparently to confront the thieves. Number 2: International Police, Chase After Them

Upon the revelation of Lupinrangers' identities to the public, Bistrot Jurer became empty while the Lupinrangers went into hiding, leaving the restaurant to be searched by GSPO.


Notable Customers and Visitors



  • The word 'Jurer' in French means 'to take an oath', referencing the oath that the Lupinrangers take to make each other's dream (to revive their loved ones) come true.
  • The Paty Cafe in Yokohama was used as a stand-in for the exterior scenes of Bistrot Jurer.
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