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"I have flown over the pond. Amigo, hand over the little bird."
―Birdcage Vagrant (as a man)'s first words[src]

"Senior muchacho. Welcome Dairanger."
―Birdcage Vagrant's first words to the Dairangers[src]

"Like I'd ever allow you to be the hero!"
―Birdcage Vagrant's first words being enlarged[src]

"It's over, adios amigos!"
―Bird Cage Vagrant's final words before his death.[src]

Birdcage Vagrant (鳥カゴ風来坊 Torikago Fūraibō, 32):

Character History

A Gorma Minion with a golden-left leg that made him nearly invincible. Birdcage Vagrant had an immensely powerful attack called the Golden Kick where he jumps and kicks at the enemy, charging his foot with golden energy to deliver a devastating kick to thier face strong enough to send any of the Dairangers flying with one hit. Birdcage Vagarant's golden leg was stolen by Chief Officer Jiaxu 6000 years ago, making Birdcage useless to the Gorma and he had to use a peg leg as a tempoary replacement. Until recently, Birdcage traveled the world, learning Spanish words that he uses frequently in his sentences and drank often in his "human" form. He had his eagle familiar capture Shoji and a little girl to bargain the return of his leg. But Major Zydos managed to get the leg for Birdcage and Ryo destroyed his eagle with his Dai Buster, releasing Shoji and the girl who then transformed. Together, they took him down with a double kick, levitated him with thier Gravity Star Burst, and took him out with the Blazing Lightning Blast. However, he used his Growth Bomb to enlarge and tried to take out Dairen'Oh with his Golden Kick but it was useless and he was destroyed by it's Raging Hurricane Waves.


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Bird Cage Vagrant (Human)

Bird Cage Vagrant's Left foot demon eye

Powers and Abilities


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Behind the Scenes

Concept art of Birdcage Vagrant with his peg leg.


  • Birdcage Vagrant, both in his human and Gorma forms, was portrayed by Japanese comedian Denden.


  • His appearance is inspired by surrealist artist Rene Magritte's work The Therapeutist.


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