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Bird Talon Mask.

Bird Talon Mask (鳥牙仮面 Tori Kiba Kamen) is the fifth of Black Cross Volcano Mask General Magman's Masked Monsters.

Character History

Bird Fang Mask initially lead an attack directed by the Black Cross Führer to abduct kindergartners on a bus in order to lure the Gorengers; however the tactic fails when the team uses the full capacity of their Varidreen and Varitank to save the children, even as Bird Fang Mask uses Condolers to attempt to net the airship and blow the children with a time bomb. Frustrated with the Gorengers' maneuvers, the Führer then directs the Masked Monster into a new tactic, abducting the Gorengers' commander Gonpachi as he was traveling between EAGLE bases with a hostage tactic of giving up Varidreen and Varitank in exchange for the commander.

However, inspired by Taro's riddle involving the Trojan Horse, the Gorengers decide to go through with giving them their weapons, in exchange for hiding Yoko within Varitank to force out the Zolders; while Shinmei blows Bird Fang Mask using the auto-control out of the airship. During a final showdown, the Gorenger use Gorenger Hurricane to become a blue bird; when Bird Fang Mask places the lucky bird on one of its fangs, it explodes taking him with it. Ep. 47: Big Red Counterattack! Angry Gorenger


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Modus and Arsenal

Aside from typical Masked Monster tactics, Bird Fang Mask possesses a scythe shaped like the beak of a bird, can jump high, and uses bombs for attack.



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Behind the Scenes

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